The Zafarnāma was a spiritual victory letter sent by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in to the Mughal In Punjab newspapers, it first appeared in the Khalsa Samachar of 16 July Translation of Zafarnama · English Translation of Zafarnama · Zafarnama in Gurmukhi, Perso-Arabic and Latin script with English translations. Description, This Punjabi translation of Guru Gobind Singh’s classic epistle Zafarnama written in Persian communicates the letter and spirit of this classic text . 19 Jan This time round, he has penned an English translation of Zafarnama – by Bhai Veer Singh for translating the Zafarnama into Gurmukhi.

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On the way, there will be no danger to your life, For, the whole tribe of Brars accepts my command. I do not know how I will be received in Allah’s court. He did not harbour any ill will against MuslimsGuru Sahib Ji saw all with one gaze, a good many Muslims had sided with his cause against the Mughals. The Emperors peace of mind had been shaken, he wrote another letter to his sons in which he states “I do not know who I am, where I am, where I am to go and what will happen to a sinful person like me.

And see what happens to every house, every denizon. And, He shows man the Way to Redemption and Release.

Zafarnama (letter) – Wikipedia

Muslims believe that two two Angels visit the dead in their grave immediately after death. They stayed at the house of Bhai Jetha Ji. He who observes the tenents of his faith, He makes a promise but never to break it. There were other dreadful, vengeful noises too, of weapons and men, When men, bravest of the brave, battled like mad. He was in great pain and torment and he remained in this condition for several days, terrified, as it were, by his thoughts of the angels of death the punishment of the grave.

Views Read Edit View history. He felt that an injustice had been done particularly when he had been promised safe passage from Anandpur on solemn oaths on the Koran. What a beautiful thought has Firdausi, the sweet-tongued poet, expressed: However it is said that a copy of the Zafarnamawritten by himself, was found with the Mahant of Patna Sahib in and one Babu Jagan Nath made a copy; this copy was somehow misplaced by him.

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Do now what is enjoined upon you, And stick to your written and plighted word. Guru Gobind Singh and Tobacco. The letter is written in Persian verse. The letter was sent through royal messengers. I am much touched by this. Many like me have passed away wasting their lives.

This article needs additional citations for verification. History of the Sikhs. Sahib-e-kamal Guru Gobind Singh. In Punjab newspapers, it first appeared in the Khalsa Samachar of 16 July Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. O fie on such a sovereignty! I have no faith in thy oaths, Even if thou bringest in God as thy witness.

Zafarnama With Meanings Guru Gobind Singh Ji

The letter is written in exquisite Persian verse. You are proud of your empire and rtanslation possessions, while I am proud of the Refuge of God, the Immortal. Second battle of Chamkaur Sahib. Email required Address never made public.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The written word and the verbal promise of your envoy, Both, should have been fulfilled by you. And look also at the miracle that is God, That He may destroy a whole host through a single man!

What regard for religion? It is incumbent upon you to recognise the God, For He told you not to create strife in the world. I knew not that you, O man, were a perjurer, And a worshipper of self, and a breaker of faith.

Zafarnama is important to Sikhs because it contains the doctrine of the use of force being punjabl if all other peaceful means have failed. It also shows that although Guru Ji had suffered heavy losses in men and materials he was not in any way feeling vanquished but was full of confidence, faith and courage to chastise and reprimand the Emperor for his deceitful activities.


Now that Aurangzeb had invited Guru Ji with due humility and promised to do justice against those who had resorted to barbarous acts, Guru Ji felt justified in agreeing to meet the emperor in view of the latter’s old age.

However there was mixed feelings of magnanimity and seriousness on Guru Ji’s face as he thought the Emperor was not fully satisfied about his grievances.

Notify me of new comments via email. O One without colour, without form, without equal! It is but meeting that you act wisely, And be discreet in all that you do.

> “Zafarnama” English Translation

But, he who advanced from thy ranks beyond his defences, Was hit with such deadly aim of my single arrow that he was deluged in blood.

If your majesty were to be present here before me, I would have with all my heart posted you with your treachery. He who puts faith in thy oath on the Koran, He in the end, comes to ruin.

According to Sikh chronologists it was at Sabo Ki Talwandi that Guru Gobind Singh untied his waist band after a period of nearly eighteen months and breathed a sigh of relief. In the time of need, He blinds the enemy, And protects the helpless from all injury and harm.

This page was last edited on 28 Septemberat According to wishes of the emperor, his grave made of ‘kuccha’ bricks can still be seen in Aurangabad. The more he attacked, the more he was mauled, And then while killing two of my ranks, He, too, fell dead in the cold dust.

In the verses of this notice, Guru Gobind Singh Ji rebukes Aurangzeb for his weaknesses as a human being punjai for excesses as a leader.

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