Buy Walkera-Heli-HM-QRLadyBird-Green-DEVO4 / Walkera QR Ladybird ( Ghz this little beetle, but please study the manual first to understand the controls. View and Download Walkera Lady Bird user handbook manual online. QR Series. Lady Bird Toy pdf manual download. Discussion The Walkera QR Ladybird V2 Review Mini Multirotor Drones. I must remind you that the V2 features manual flips you will have.

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Originally Posted by bobfa Got mine.

For review purposes I have yet to fit the landing gear to the V2 but it would certainly help you protect the motors in the event of hard landings. If you have manaul idea on what frequency should be used for your country, we will send you the correct walkera qr ladybird manual. Flying aldybird V2 in stability mode, I tried both high and low rates. No extra battery please 3 X Storm 3.

I have yet to fly anything else with this amount walkera qr ladybird manual precision.

The Walkera QR Ladybird V2 Review – RC Groups

Flight performance The V2 took off quite powerfully and hovered with very little trim or user input. Anyway its walkeras product, the can market it anyway they want. Indeed, walkera qr ladybird manual parts other than the receiver board are interchangeable. Walkera Y6 Scorpion 2.

Originally Posted by bobfa. Walkera qr ladybird manual QR Ladybird 2. Sep 05, I will just sum up briefly my findings by stating the pros and cons of the LB since James is going to do a full review of it. Add some walkera qr ladybird manual to your daily life About the name of this product Well Ordered a bunch of motor arms because the little rubber feet still does not asborb the shock to protect the motor assembly.

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Walkera Rodeo BNF. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. And now with the deviation fw, even those with devo controllers will be able to fly clones. I honestly cannot feel the difference between the V1 and the V2 in terms of flight stability and performance.

Customers who bought this product also purchased. Jan 13, If you are new to the community, welcome! Walkera qr ladybird manual the box Tmart sent the V2 to me a few days ago and it arrived well protected in bubble wrap and its original box today. TomZ, your guides walkera qr ladybird manual always been exceptionally helpful It is let down a bit by the stock transmitter but if you have a Devo computer radio Devo 6 and up then I do believe the V2 is a good alternative to the V1.

Thanks Shafter, unfortunately I do not have the so I do not know how they compare.

ladybirdd Return to Mini Multirotor Drones. What I found, if you are always planning on replacing the walkera qr ladybird manual boom with motors, to reinforce the motors with superglue at the motor holder to carbon joint and also along walkera qr ladybird manual lower plastic motor holder to the upper the spars that go down along the motors – holds upper part to lower motor holder section.

Never had motor damage from hard landings on the rubber part. In comparison I’ve broke a U prop on 2nd day right in half and it did have 1 motor fail from hard landings on the plastic bottom part no rubber feet on U – on day 4.

Helipal.com – DJI Products Special Arrangement

But this time, this QR Ladybird really walkra our attention because this product represents much more than it looks. Walkera qr ladybird manual means much more than a toy, it represents the future of RC Flying Model Technology walkera qr ladybird manual nothing when it is not controllable The QR Ladybird is very stable and extremely easy to fly, even if you are a first time flyer, you can still get it off the ground.

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I’m really happy with the built quality of this product. Xermalk, I think the reason why the V2 isn’t released as a bnf is that people will stop buying the V1. Otherwise I agree with the pros and I would add this con.

You could also fit a mah 1S lipo to the landing gear for added flight time Then we put in the battery and start flying this little bird, another “WOW”, it was amazingly stable, I was simply moving the Throttle stick up and town, and the bird just stay put in one spot, I say the 3-Axis Gyro is doing walkera qr ladybird manual great job. Jan 21, I like the rubber feet and had many hard landings over the past couple of weeks my first quad, trying flips, etc. Last edited by Tom Z; Sep 15, at walkera qr ladybird manual Cons – Very quick response and may not be beginner friendly.

The comparatively stiff sticks do prevent beginners from over-controlling the quad.

Walkera Lady Bird User Handbook Manual

Now have to wait for a new motor arm assembly. Why we said this product is special? I’ve written a review, but it isn’t complete yet Type in the code rcheli01 and you’ll apparently get 5 USD off!

Verdict I believe manuall V2 is definitely a winner. Looking at the board of the Walkera qr ladybird manual, it is obvious that many components found on the V1 are missing.

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