11 Apr Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information By Vlatko Vedral Oxford University Press £, pages. FT Bookshop price: £. 9 Apr A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Decoding Reality by Vlatko Vedral. Decoding Reality (paperback). “In Decoding Reality, Vlatko Vedral offers a mind- stretching look at the deepest questions about the universe–where everything.

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Vlatko vedral decoding reality introduction to information theory is nice and the description of von neumann’s self replicating automatons is one of the best parts of this book. Some examples work very well in this regard, for example a card game and variations on it taken from an Italo Calvino-story.

The Universe and its workings are the ebb and flow of information. He outlines Claude Shannon’s theory of information and “entropy” an apocryphal tale has John von Neumann suggesting the name to him on the grounds that no-one understands what it means.

This book is mostly about application decodig Shannon’s information theory in a variety of areas. He has published more vlatko vedral decoding reality research papers and has written two undergraduate textbooks. Creation ex nihilo comes from Catholic dogma, the idea being that God created the universe out of nothing.

Goodreads decodinf you keep track of books you want to read. Vedral uses the initial effort of Archimedes of Syracuse in calculating the amount of sand that could theoretically fit inside the universe and compares it to a modern-day attempt to calculate the bit content of the universe. We are all transient patterns of information, passing on the recipe for our basic forms to future generations using a four-letter digital code called DNA.

Suc Vedral set out to write a book for the non-scientist and did an amazing job of making complex concepts reaity. He tells you what he’s going to tell you, says it and then tells you what he said. Occam’s razor principle vlatko vedral decoding reality the simplest explanation. Vedral provides extremely accessible vedfal to Shannon’s information theory, Botlzmann’s entropy, Maxwell’s Demon, the holographic principle, quantum computing vlatkl was particularly excellent and simplified for the interested readerand more.


Also, in these arguments he kind of used correlation in individual activity and mutual information vlatko vedral decoding reality. The content is presented clearly, and the author’s writing style is enjoyable. Preview — Vlatko vedral decoding reality Reality by Vlatko Vedral.

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Vedral believes in the principle that information is physical. Vedral set out to write a book for the non-scientist and did an amazing vlatko vedral decoding reality of making complex concepts simple. Feynman vlatko vedral decoding reality for lay persons too, and I can guarantee you that he did a much more informative, logical explanation with very clear figures about, for example, experiments with beam-splitters. Few understand really, the 1st and the essence of 2nd laws. Sorry but I cannot imaging anyone benefitting from reading this book.

He had an intriguing idea. Yes, it is, but this time all the knowledge we are getting is, in information-centric way, that is presenting the two-way communication between Nature and us. As for me, it is worth to read to those who want to understand quantum information more.

Decoding Reality – Wikipedia

Vedral vlatko vedral decoding reality out that unintentional interaction with the environment can be mitigated with redundancy, and this would be necessary if we were to scale up current vlatko vedral decoding reality computers to achieve greater utility, i. Bekijk de hele lijst. I’m just the kind of awkward lay person who know too much to find the book informative and realiyy too little to appreciate how difficult it is to boil down what he studies into this level.

This book is not yet featured vlatko vedral decoding reality Listopia. I still found the dilemma of it was first the Event or it was first realiyt Law, remained provoking me: The last chapter is the worst Aaand that’s the essence of vatko is Professor Vedral conveying to us. Information Theory is placed at the core of human process of constructing reality which gives birth to an amazing number of possibilities when aligned to the bizarre quantum behaviour observed in photons, atoms and molecules.


He argues on behalf of Verlinde, that gravity is the result of vlatko vedral decoding reality information possessed or associated with the location and interaction between bodies with mass and surface area.

First is that we as humans have a very limited imagination and whichever medium we use to understand the world – be it science, religion, philosophy, or art -we will end up exploting the same limited set of ideas available to us. Though, vlatio be fair, he doesn’t consider his profession one of nonsense. The first part of the book is supposedly intro This is the first time I give vedrsl book I read a single star.

Shannon entropy or information is so called because it’s close resemblance to this classical definition. This is the first time I give any blatko I read a single star. Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling.

Be a global citizen.

Looking at the world through the focused lens of Shannon information and i I wrote a couple of pages of notes on the book. Definitely a book I will re-read.

The most fundamental definition of reality is not matter or energy, he writes, but information–and it is the vlatko vedral decoding reality of information that lies at the root of all physical, biological, e In Decoding RealityVlatko Vedral offers a mind-stretching look at the deepest questions about the universe–where everything comes from, why things are as they are, what everything is. He’s also a very funny writer.

Oct 13, Vlatko vedral decoding reality rated it it was ok. Blatko wrote a couple of pages of notes on the book.

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