vAyustutiH athavA khilavAyustutiH || shrI harivAyustutiH || || atha shrI nakhastutiH || pAntvasmAn puruhUtavairi balavanmAta~Nga mAdyadghaTA. That’s why this Nakah stuti is being prayed at the end of vayu stuti which is the path to God’s abode heaven. The fact that this shloka is recited at the beginning. Hari Vayu Stuti – Part 1 · Hari Vayu Stuti – Part 2. HVS Books. Hari Vayustuthi in Sanskrit & Tamil – LHVSMP Samiti, Madipakkam. HVS in Sanskrit & Tamil HVS.

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I humbly pray for the favour of imparting the much-prized Gyana which alone can dispel the deep rooted Agyana.

His gigantic stature, unconquerable strength and indefatigable energy, struck terror in the hearts of Daityas. Mukhyaprana you successfully smashed Sankara’s theory of illusion with your strongly eleoguent, persuasive, and authoritatively stutl arguments and proved beyond a shadow of doubt that 1 Sri Hari is Sarvottama 2 Sri Hari is Gunapurna 3 Sri Hari is Gyananandamaya 4 This creation Jagat is true 5 Souls are always subservient to Hari 6 Between them the souls are different entities-one from the other and they ae graded as Superior and Inferior according to their inherent merit and demerit.

Such a soul, attaining to that perfection is a true Mahatma.

There is the ever-moving process of birth, death and rebirth. With your good graces, I crave Sri Hari’s blessings. Shesh Rao on Thamirabarani Mahapushkara…. That’s why it is being called Nakha stuti. You have correctly interpreted the vedas and your keen insight has given the shastra the lasting charm applauded by Gods and sages.

Few of the souls of this second type have generous heart, a religious bent but their object is to enjoy heavenly pleasures and they are kept in Heaven where they enjoy pleasures untill their merit is exhausted.

Vayu Stuti

Mukhyaprana, the ever young supreme god of gods You exhibited your valour in the yajna of fist-fight Krishna’s enemy Jarasandha was made a yagna-pashu by you Lord Vishnu was satisfied by the oblations you offered Your oblation was much better than Rajasurya and Horse-sacrifice Because you killed Vishnu-haters and offered them to the Lord. Sri Madhva is likened to Kshira Samudra and this milky ocean is reputed to be the adobe of Vauu Vishnu. The fact is that both, being parts of the same Vayu who weilds super natural powers and who is invested with Poomagyana by Sri Hari, carry the knowledge of each other and any such show of strength between the two can only be a divine joke enjoyed by Gods above and devotees here.

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That is why you are ‘sarvottama’ highest in order and there is no body stutti to you and I have not seen any body till now who is equal to you. You stand loftiest and rank the highest in the hierarchy of Gods. Sri Acharya is further empowered to thrust into Eternal Hell who hate Sri Vishnu and his devotees in their innate, egoistic traditional beliefs of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’. Vayu coming now to your second incarnation, we find that you stood a great as devotee to Sri Krishna as firm as Hanuman were to Sri Rama.

In the past you flew from Lanka a thousand miles To bring the life-saving Sanjeevini from Gandhamana mounts You lifted the mountain and carried it on your shoulder You flew through the sky in minutes as everyone saw You kept it at the feet of Rama and bowed down to him. Madhva Guru roared like a lion with his commentaries The Jackals who argued for Mayavada became impotent Their pride was shattered,they were mortally scared They thought that it was time to leave the country They scattered in ten directions, vowed to fight back As they abused the righteous their faces became black.

You wrote superub commentary on Vedas and other scriptures Teach vay more about good shastras and wonders of holy works Because of punya of previous births, right acts, our chitta is pure We have the power to put forth the arguments with vigour Erase all the wrong readings and remove our distress Let us listen to your interpretation forever hereafter.

Gods above who worship Sri Vayu the Sarvagna are pleased with me and all the conceited Indrabhimani Vyu will leave me free to concentrate myself on the attainment of Jivanmuktha state with Bimbaparoksha.

I humbly offer my salutations to you and to your Valour. Our Acharaya is thus worshipped by Gods and sages alike. These three worlds are rich in their respective splendour: When war in Lanka was on, Laxman and many warrior monkeys were struck by Indrajit and lay unconscious.


Hundreds of the countless shrutis and historical happenings of the immemorial past unequivocally prove that you have been invested with vast powers by Sri Hari who has accepted you as his accredited most trusted, obedient, self less and impartial adjudicator over the destinies of the souls who are sent to play their part. Feirce looking servants of Yama in various form are employed to cut and bite the Daitya’s with sharp fangles and paws.

This valourous feat was exhibited in the presence of Sri Krishna whose graces you tremendously deserved. Sri Madananda Thirtha, you are the only saviour from this Samsar.

HVS Links | Lakshavruthi Hari VayuStuthi Mantra Parayana

stiti When Bhima went to fetch Saugandhika flower for Draupadi He was defeated by old Hanuman whose tail he couldn’t move Bhima bowed down to Hanuman, his previous Avatar, Pavamana. So I humbly pray to you to lead me on: You are royally seated on the jewel-studded throne Oh! This site uses cookies.

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Vayu Stuti | Revolvy

This feeling is ever enhanced by the sight of their acknowledged superiors, to wit the Muktha Gods, Surya Madana, Shesha and Indra who are ever extolling Sri Hari’s greatness and incessantly singing melodiously in praise of Sri Hari. These illusory arguments are elusive and ordinary people are easily deceived.

Matarishwa, the wind-god, you vyu the nourishing mother Protecting father, guiding teacher, a friend-philosopher-guide Remove the pangs of birth and death, Lord Grant me true devotion for Lord Krishna which is free from Vxyu, lust and pride and which is ever increasing Oh the omnipresent, the most revered of the revered.

I have therefore taken a deep plunge into your Sarvagnashastra and I feel my soul purified and completely at rest, intensly gratified with your irrefutable arguments and conclusions. Black Beauty Wear Watch Face.

I now ask you to descent to the earth and propagate Satyagyana with your wide and unmatched powers of explanation on Brahmasutra, Gita and Upanishad.

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