The Shadow Of The Crescent Moon is a novel by Fatima Bhutto. The novel has set over the course of one morning in a small town in Pakistan. The book. 2 Feb The Paperback of the The Shadow of the Crescent Moon: A Novel by Fatima Bhutto at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $25 or more!. The Shadow of the Crescent Moon [Fatima Bhutto] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Shadow of the Crescent Moon is a fascinating read on so many levels. Perhaps, there simply are not any answers to give.

The Shadow of the Crescent Moon

What they knew about this new war, what they understood about the events that turned their town into a battlefield once more, was this: While the army enforces its agenda on the locals, restraining their freedom, the people of Mir Ali fight several fights at a time—from the centre for their freedom, from the Taliban, who kill ruthlessly and from their own people who get sold at the hands of other powers.

A mature and extraordinary first novel which reads like a politico-religious thriller. I definitely don’t want to put anyone off the shadow of the crescent moon by fatima bhutto the book. Meticulous details and solid insights into the past and present of the town make it the heart of the the shadow of the crescent moon by fatima bhutto.

PTI chairman’s focus until now had been domestic policy but as the PM he will also how to think globally. Like Telegraph Books on Facebook.

In an outburst so full of rage and pain that it shocks the Talib commander, she accuses them of injustice. Many disappear when picked up by the military police who claim that these men are aligned with Al Qaeda. No religious fanaticism defines my life. The political situation of Mir Ali is underexplained within the book, particularly early on when it would be most useful, and I had to do some outside research to orient myself.


Jan 13, Seated behind him is a beautiful, fragile girl whose life and thoughts are overwhelmed by the war that has enveloped the place of her birth.

No love, you ask? Looking for More Great Reads? I received an advanced proof copy of this novel from the publisher via a Goodreads giveaway.

REVIEW: The Shadow of the Crescent Moon by Fatima Bhutto – Newspaper –

Was I to feel informed about political situation as regards the tribal regions of the Northwest frontier of Pakistan? It is heartbreaking when we find if why. For the most part, Bhutto pulls it off. Thank you to the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy of this book.

Like a hamster inside a ball, you find yourself moving round and round from events in the past and present.

Dec 22, Sash Chiesa rated it really liked it. Her take on the situation is uni-dimensional.

I am afraid the novel does not represent Pushtun area depicted at all. I kept closing the book to look at it. An eruption that has left a deep hollow. As a human story of the politics of a volatile region that is brutally destroying or has already destroyed its young men and women, the ghosts of the cescent hold significance.

The Shadow of the Crescent Moon by Fatima Bhutto

Jul 01, Kathy rated it really liked it. My expectations were higher.

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At first I was unsure as to whether I would enjoy it or not – it sounded very cliche i. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. You need to be comfortable with not knowing where the story is heading.

While his actions were somewhat understandable, he quickly lost sympathy from me. They will have to reconfigure everything.

The Shadow of the Crescent Moon by Fatima Bhutto, review

This land is also home to a three-dimensional chessboard of seemingly endless war — American drones killing the Taliban; Sunni Muslims bombing Shia Muslims; and an underground, generations-old fight for independence the shadow of the crescent moon by fatima bhutto Fatima Bhutto’s stunning debut begins and ends one rain swept Friday morning in Mir Ali, a small town in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas close to the Afghan fatija. What pleasan Set in Mir Ali, a small town of North Waziristan, Shadow of the Crescent Moon sheds light on the perspective of the locals on the wedged war on terror by the government of Pakistan on the insistence of the US.

The Shadow of the Crescent Moon chronicles the lives of five young people trying to live and love in a world on fire. Certain passage in books will drive a message with such force.

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