In an interview, Amitav Ghosh said of his work, The Glass Palace, “one can examine the truths of individuals in history definitely more completely in fiction than. 24 Jun Amitav Ghosh came to the attention of the literary world earlier this year when he refused the Best Book Prize from the Commonwealth. Set in Burma during the British invasion of , this masterly novel by Amitav Ghosh tells the story of Rajkumar, a poor boy lifted on the tides of political and.

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I haven’t read such a poignantly moving book in quite a while! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Which truths do his characters reveal? Then she typed in the words “Ilongo Alagappan” and hit “enter”.

Amitav Ghosh devoted five years of his life to the travel, research, and writing required to tell this story. What other debates were gohsh able to extract from the book? Enjoyment in reading was absolutely a 4. As is, it is a largely unexceptional read with some fine touches and interesting points. So here goes, and I’ll try to cut to the chase more quickly now. For a long, nerve-racking minute, an icon winked on the monitor.

The year isand a dispute between a British timber company and King Thebaw of Burma leads to battle. The best historical fiction books I’ve read integrated all three of these goals into a smooth and readable narrative — Gone With the Windfor instance. Sounds like something out of a bad TV commercial. What do such episodes tell us about the effect of colonialism, both on the individual and the collective?

Can you think of examples where memory compelled a character to action, or impeded him from recognizing a particular truth? The Glass Palace was the Eurasian regional winner in the “Best Book” category of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize[3] but Amitav Ghosh was not aware that his publishers had submitted his glasss, and he withdrew it upon learning that he had won the regional round.

But we remind readers again: This was a truly epic read. The Glass Palace of the royal family ransacked, the humiliated King Thebaw and his family are escorted to a ship and ultimately sent to India. The role of Indians in the British armed forces remains a significant one throughout the novel.


International events glas untold damage on Burma as it is catapulted on to the international stage and it becomes clear that the medieval traditions upon which the country’s culture is based cannot compete with the organisational discipline and superior technology of the Western world.

The Glass Palace

Reading it, I learned a great deal. There, Thebaw lived out his days in exile. The British Indian Army, that is, which had hitherto worked with a strict division between white officers and Indian other ranks.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Rhe Rajkumar’s quickly evolving career begins to lalace shape with the help of Saya John, a successful glass merchant Ma Cho’s sometime loverwe are given a glimpse into the awkward beginnings of a new life for King Thebaw and his family as they try to settle into the port town of Ratnagirinorth of Goa.

Historical fiction is often a story written in an historical context. Note that a mistake in the last line of the book in the British edition — a sentence which “seems to have slipped a grammatical cog somewhere” as Hugo Barnacle put it in his review in The Sunday Times — seems to have been corrected for the US edition. I did not think I would as it is not the type of book I would pick for myself but so glad my book group chose it.

A contractor for the Burmese teak camps, John Martins called Saya John becomes a teacher and mentor to young Rajkumar. Dec 03, Thebooktrail rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ghosh’s writing evoked the scene, and I wanted to read more about the characters and their travails. One thing you should be sure of, Ghosh loves history and with his books one can gain knowledge of varied historical eras.

But then by just past the first half went all the way down to a 2 star, at times a 1. What glasss does it have on the book as a whole, on your perception of the characters and their stories? Left alone, Rajkumar finds work at a food stall in the market of Mandalay. Then they are bundled onto a ship and sent to a small town on India’s west coast. The Glass Palace 3. I feel his pain at the reader’s ignorance, my ignorance, But character development too often gets squeezed out in his books, and I’d rather read good history or good fiction than something which gets in its own way too much to be either.


To the British who have subjugated his country, or to his own people, fractured though they are by ethnicity, caste, and religion? Even minor characters like the Collector, Kishan Singh, Saya John offer us plenty of food for thought, and that’s another indication of how richly layered this book is.

The Glass Palace – Wikipedia

And who is the Bengali chap? Perhaps it was the very elusiveness of what I was trying to remember that engendered in me a near-obsessive urge to render the backgrounds of my characters’ lives as closely as I could. His Indian parents moved to Burma after a family quarrel and lived in the village of Akyab until a fever killed his father and siblings. Especially, if the gooey cheese was a blend of Munster, Monterey jack and yellow cheddar; the bread not too soggy but aptly moisten by the flass gravy.

Surprisingly, then, it is also a plodding novel, advancing in fits and spurts, with Ghosh uncertain of where and what and who to ghosn on. Is one derivative of the other? Indeed, for much of the book, I felt I was reading a non-fiction history of Burma, India, and Malaya, told through the lives of characters w A Confluence of History and Romance With its close-printed pages and year time-span, Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace palwce a novel of immense scope.

The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh – Reading Guide –

I read Sea of Poppiesa later book by Ghosh, a while back and really enjoyed it. Alcohol did prove to be a crucial company during some parts of my reading.

Mandalay, Morningside, Rangoon, Malaya, India?

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