12 Jul Al-Mizan fi tafsir al-Quran. Author, Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i. Original title, المیزان فی تفسیر القرآن. Language, Arabic. Series, Tafseer AlMeezanVol3. uploaded by. uploader avatar SHIA-LIBRARY. Tafseer Al Meezan Vol 1. uploaded by. uploader avatar SHIA-LIBRARY. Tafseer Al. al-Mīzãn. An Exegesis of the Holy Qur’ãn. BY: al-‘Allãmah as-Sayyid Muh ammad H usayn at -T abãt abã’ī. VOLUME 2. Translated by: S a y i d Sa’eed.

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He not only taught morality, but also lived it. For example, ‘Allama Tabataba’i has juxtaposed all Qur’anic verses regarding the annulment of tafseer al mizan in ihbat in order to clarify this notion. Amina Inloes for undertaking the editing tasks of our new publications in an ideal and professional manner.

Al-Mizan fi tafsir al-Qur’an (book)

The method of Tafsir al-mizan is the interpretation of a Qur’anic verse in terms of other Qur’anic verses. Community and Culture in Changing Social Contexts. This exegesis has been translated into, and published in, Persian, English, Urdu, Turkish, and Spanish.

By the grace of God, we have successfully published English volumes 14 and 25 to For a detail study of this verse and the specific clause “strike them” please mizaan to the following article on the internet: We pray tafseer al mizan in God the Almighty to reward all those who have worked and contributed in this endeavor and to help us complete the rest of the tafseer in a short span of time.

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It is most likely that the ordinance of flogging was revealed as a deterring punishment to replace the practice of stoning. Tafsir al-mizan is one of the best sources for an inquiry about the stories of the prophets as envisaged in the Qur’an. This page was last edited on 8 Juneat It is even more important that the Qur’an requires solid evidence of the adultery to disprove false accusations.

The author clarifies some religious and Qur’anic notions, such as God’s response to prayers, monotheismrepentance tafseer al mizan in, divine sustenance rizqdivine blessing barakajihadand the ihbat annulment of actionsby an appeal to Qur’anic verses.

We would tafseer al mizan in like to thank Dr. This is the method that it can be named interpretation, Quran itself accepts it because Quran knows itself as “awareness to all things”, then, how it cannot explain itself, Quran has introduces itself as mankind’s guidance and right and wrong separator, it says: Stoning was actually an inherent custom in the Mosaic law of Jewish communities living in Medina at that time.


But the Qur’an does not stipulate stoning as punishment for any tafseer al mizan in of people — whether unmarried or married. Before Tafsir al-mizanit was uncommon among the interpreters of the Qur’an to juxtapose Qur’anic verses of the same subject-matter with one another in order to come to a certain tafseer al mizan in concerning some notion.

Unfortunately, stoning became part of the shari’ah law through the controversial interpretation of Sunni and Shi’ite traditions but not through the Qur’an.

Tafsir al-Mizan

Al-Mizan is an ordinal exegesis of the Qur’an, which is organized by the order of the Qur’anic suras and versesql its methodology tafseer al mizan in the exegesis of the Qur’an by appeal to the Qur’an itself, which means interpreting a Qur’anic verse in terms of other verses of the Qur’an.

Their opinions and theories are still followed today.

In virtue of its tafseer al mizan in honesty and fairness, accuracy and depth, al-Mizan has attracted the attentions of Shiite and Sunni scholars and found a place as one of the most reliable sources of inquiry about the Qur’an, and soon after its publication, tens of books and hundreds of articles and dissertations were written about it. And what effort and Jihad is greater than trying to understanding Ni and what mizqn better than way of Quran guides mankind to God?

This is one of the verses that the opponents of Islam and proponents of women’s rights have singled out in order to invalidate the ordinances of the Qur’an.

This page has been accessed 22, times. List of tafsir works.

Tafsir al-Mizan – Wikipedia

tafseer al mizan in Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i. Moreover, he has also compared the Old and the New Testaments with the Qur’an, and has identified parts of the Testaments that have been distorted.

Yet it is also correct to state that his scholarship was overshadowed by his fame and prestige as a philosopher and a spiritual man. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Pointing to the interrelatedness of the Quranic verses and arguing based on some Quranic verses and Islamic traditionhe concludes that a valid interpretation of Quran could be achieved only through contemplation of all other related verses, and consulting Islamic traditions whenever it is necessary. One feature of ordinal exegeses unlike subject-based exegeses of the Qur’an is that they discuss one and the same subject in different places, and it takes a lot of familiarity with the Qur’an and that particular exegesis of the Qur’an tafseer al mizan in find all discussions about one subject.

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Sayyid Muhammad Akhtar Rizvi finished the incomplete translation of the seventh Arabic volume which published as the thirteenth English volume. Shia tafsir Arabic-language books Quran stubs Islamic studies book stubs.

One of the significant advantages of this exegesis is its profound inquiries about important issues such as tafseer al mizan in miraculous character of the Qur’an, the stories of the prophets, human soul and spirit, God’s response to people’s prayers, monotheismrepentancedivine sustenance rizqdivine blessings barakajihadannulment of tafseer al mizan in ihbatwhich are discussed when relevant to the verse that is being interpreted.

The same was published most recently.

Al-Mizan An Exegesis of the Qur’an, vol 1 | Books on Islam and Muslims |

But since tafseer al mizan in of the translation was done by Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Musawi Hamadani, ‘Allama Tabataba’i asked him to translate the other half again into Persian. For the last three centuries, this family has a generation after generation of renowned religious scholars in Azerbaijan Iran.

Head over to the Tawheed Institute to see how you could lend support. Al-Mizan fi tafsir al-Quran. This left a big void in the original criteria of WOFIS for a long period of time after the English volume 12 was published. Some books—indexes have been published so as to facilitate reference to Tafsir al-mizan in order to find different subject-matters alphabetically.

The book consists of 27 volumes originally written in Arabic. Tawheed Hafseer Australia, the publisher of al-Mizan English volume 14 and onwards, wishes to clarify tafseer al mizan in add to the explanation of certain mizam as follows:.

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In this work, he juxtaposes different Qur’anic verses with one another in order to present deductive arguments to elucidate Qur’anic notions or pinpoint instances for Qur’anic statements. The orphaned child grew up in Tabriz, and after completing his religious educa- tion tafseer al mizan in, aroundhe went to Najaf Iraqthe most important center of Shia religious learning. Read More Regarding verse 4:

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