Stolen Night [Rebecca Maizel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen, book 2) by Rebecca Maizel – book cover, description, publication history. 23 Jan Review of the sequel to “Infinite Days” by Rebecca Maizel, “Stolen Nights.” Now that Lenah is human again, they must reconcile their haunting.

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Was it really the plan all along to take certain characters in the direction that they went in, or was some of the story improvising on the fly as book 2 was being written? And she will take down any and everyone in my nightts to get what she wants.

Stolen Night

Her insights are amazing and that is because she once was an immortal, had incredible power, and knew what it was to have no humanity to be a vampire – and to be cold, and what it could to to a person’s character. Even the action sequences felt brief, lacking true stakes, and didn’t hold my interest very much.

What kind of society doesn’t have a waiting list or heir to a title? There were a few sparks of interesting turns in this story, but not enough to save the book for me. If I hadn’t loved book 1 so much, I would just drop the series Infinite Days so thoroughly heart-wrenching or amazing. Then there was the ending, which I somewhat expected and probably could’ve had more resonance to me if the events leading up to that point didn’t feel so contrived. Looking forward to book 2! I like him too.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Even though the mood of Stolen Nights is definitely darker than it was in Infinite Days we are enlightened and hopeful by the end. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Then again, I’m not exactly stoen that everything had been plotted out from the start to fall into place exactly the way that it did either. I get to see Rhode again.

Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen , book 2) by Rebecca Maizel

In the end, I think I’ll choose to pretend this book doesn’t exist and continue to be fond of the first book. I wasn’t expecting it to happen, and it might have even been interesting enough to keep me reading this series.

He has this huge sense of honour and justice and the love that he has is just so pure and real and transcendent. And then these Aeris You can call me conflicted over the ‘Vampire Queen’ concept. People who bought this also bought. Maizel has taken this story to a whole new level where I just want to scream. Nov 02, Jessica marked it as to-read. It’s the little details that pick and pick at my brain and make me question it all.

Why am I here, back safe on Wickham campus? For instance, students were being murdered, they disappeared and even a teacher died in a car accident but the school faculty said those cases weren’t linked and urged the students not to leave the school.

And Lenah, it took some guts to make the decision you made at the end.

Lenah has failed to grow at all in her extremely long lifetime. Justin and Lenah witness a vampire killing one of Nithts friends on the beach and Lenah knows that this vampire is hunting her; someone wants her to pay for what she has done in her past and will make her suffer first. I felt Lenah really grew in this book, despite her lack of physical strength.

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Lenah is alive and well and back on campus at Wickham Boarding School. I didn’t maiezl bored since from the start, there’s ‘actions’.

Stolen Nights : Rebecca Maizel :

Each new chapter raises a another level of a dangerous g I love this story soo much! You’re recommending me a paranormal book?

Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L’Engle. His reaction to getting bruised was nigbts funny and in ways he seems a new character. If she could at least admit she was using Justin for attention, then fine, but she’s almost completely convinced herself that Justin is enough. I love the cover but lets see what there will be inside. It’s almost as if, because they have no emotion, they become insane by having no humanity or ability to love or feel anything, so their reaction is to destroy everything in their path.

After reading Infinite Dayswhich I gave a three star rating, my hopes for the rest of the rebeca were pretty low, I will admit that.

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