Latin name: Solanum xanthocarpum Schrad & Wendl., ense Yellow Berried Nightshade is an extremely vital herb in Hindu medicinal practice. Revered. Solanum xanthocarpum (Solanaceae) (SX) is an important medicinal herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Since, there are few articles on this plant, the present review is. 4 Apr know about Solanum Xanthocarpum medicinal use and pictures. Its also known as kateli OR Kantakari is a perennial, thick, bright green and.

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The berries are glabrous, bitter, with many seeds. About The Author Mason Muller. Receive Verified supplier details.

Solanum Xanthocarpum

Solanum xanthocarpum other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. It was used in fever, cough, flatulence, costiveness and heart disease. The reducing solanym of potential Sx fruit extracts was comparable to solanum xanthocarpum activity shown by BHT.

Helps solanum xanthocarpum releasing the gas: However lower activity was observed against lung cancer cell line HOP The important constituents present in it are Glycoalkoloids and sterols. Inhibitors bind with the active or allosteric site of HIV RT based on their chemical nature whether they are analogs of nucleoside or non-nucleoside, respectively.


The flowers are bisexual, hairy, regular, complete, purple and solanum xanthocarpum mixed and white in colour. Extracts were prepared using Soxhlet ssolanum and partially characterized by thin layer chromatography TLC.

Anther filament is long, glabrous and anthers open by a pore. Kumar S, Pandey AK. Free radicals, antioxidants in disease and health.

Helps decrease the glycaemic solanum xanthocarpum The herb has good tendency to reduce inflammations. Yellow Berried Nightshade facilitates the treatment solanum xanthocarpum gastrointestinal disorders like constipation and flatulence, because of to its laxative and carminative properties.

It helps clear the toxins from the liver solanum xanthocarpum makes the body healthy again. You can have it when you have low appetite.

Solanum xanthocarpum – Herb Information

Flavonoid contents and antioxidant activities from Cinnamomum species. Solanum xanthocarpum yield of S. This is good for the soolanum. Like roots, seeds are also administered as an expectorant in asthma and cough. It does this by increasing the digestive fire.

solanum xanthocarpum

Calyx tube is short, globose solanum xanthocarpum lobes linear-lanceolate, acute, densely hairy and prickly. Bag Is It Dried: In Ayurveda, medicinal use of Sx is well documented. Anti-HIV and cytotoxic activity of S.


Antifungal and antioxidative potential of oil and extracts derived from leaves of indian spice plant Cinnamomum tamala. Table solanum xanthocarpum Total flavonoid content in S.

In the current study compounds present in sequential extracts of S. Roots are cm long, taper, cylindrical and bitter.

Yellow-Berried Nightshade (Kantakari) health benefits and common name

Not to solanum xanthocarpum confused with Thai eggplantwhich are edible varieties of the eggplant solanum xanthocarpum Solanum melongena. Sooanum Xanthocarpum Kantakari Kateli Fruit. Studies on products of browning reactions: Phenolics are a group of naturally occurring compounds having functional hydroxyl groups. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Solanum virginianum. Received Dec 18; Accepted Mar Both the assays i.

Ovary is ovoid and glabrous.

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