Six Healing Sounds. by Mantak Chia. Everyone has heard stories about gifted beings who possess great healing powers. People seek out these gifted healers. The Six Healing Sounds (also called Liuzijue, or 六字诀 in Chinese) is a breathing technique devised by the ancient Chinese to improve health and promote. In comparison to Indian yoga techniques, the six healing sounds could be said to be . Based on Mantak Chia, Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality: The.

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Chu pronounced Chew, vocalized. The liver is associated with the sense of sight, as it controls the energy of the eyes.

Additionally, Jou, Tsung Hwa states: By clearing out negative emotions before sleeping, you allow the night’s rest to recharge your energy positively. Emotional depression is often recognized by a physical depression and collapse of the chest and lungs. Regular daily practice of the Six Healing Sounds will help you six healing sounds mantak chia in touch with the energetic and emotional state of your internal organs. Become aware of your lungs.

Concentrate on feeling the virtue power of courage. Once you have fully exhaled, do not focus on any emotions or purification process. The negative emotions are the body’s garbage. Shoo same as sound for Metal, but with lips rounded. Concentrate on the six healing sounds mantak chia power of openness, balance and fairness. Fear is stored in the lungs. Become aware of the midpoint between your eyebrows through which you will draw this abundant smiling energy in front of and around you.


Part your lips slightly, holding your jaw gently closed.

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Amir Fatir was a journalist and Nation of Islam Minister when he was arrested in for a murder that someone else committed. Become aware once more of the smiling energy in your eyes. You can use your eyes chiaa smooth six healing sounds mantak chia any part of its surface or to relax any area that seems tense.

Take a six healing sounds mantak chia breath and smile to the organ between each healing sound exhalation. Sit comfortably near the edge of your chair with your feel flat on the floor. Shi relates to gallbladder rather than triple burner.

Take a deep breath and, letting your eyes follow, raise the arms up in front of you. Seven Star Publications, Slowly lower the palms and bring them just in front of the chest, feeling the lungs’ aura.

Feel gratitude for the liver’s work in detoxifying the body, helping to store blood, and producing six healing sounds mantak chia. D the Lung Sound cgia without the hand movements several times when you feel nervous. Lean slightly to the right. Float the arms down by gently souns the shoulders.

Six Healing Sounds

When you have completely exhaled, rotate the six healing sounds mantak chia to face downward with the fingers still pointing toward each other. The large intestine is about 1. With each inbreath, feel yourself drawing in cool fresh energy. For more information do not hesitate to contact us. Slowly exhale, making the sound shhhhh subvocally. The Middle Line organs. Lower the hands slowly to your lap, palms up.


You have now completed the Inner Smile. The collection point for female sexual energy is located about three inches below the navel, midway between the ovaries. This will balance the left and right brain six healing sounds mantak chia strengthen the nerves.

If you smile in that direction, you will gradually get in touch with six healing sounds mantak chia. Whoooooo, “made sub-vocally and felt in the vocal chords. Cohen, The Way of Qigong: Take a deep breath as you bend forward, and clasp one hand in the other; hook the hands around the knees and pull back on the arms. Exhale slowly and make the sound wh from the depths of your throat.

Repeat six, nine, twelve, or twenty-four times to alleviate extreme impatience, hastiness, arrogance, nervousness, moodiness, jumpiness, irritability, tongue ulcers, palpitations, sore throat, heart disease, or insomnia and to detoxify the heart. The negative emotions affect the body’s organ systems.

Open your eyes wide the eyes are the sensory opening six healing sounds mantak chia the liver. Become aware of the heart and feel the tongue connected with the heart.

The Chinese suggest this also helps strengthen your decision-making power.

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