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Shri Sai Satcharitra in Gujarati Chapter 36

Sapatnekar was surprised at this remark. Destroying ignorance is Jnana.

Then he went to Madhegaon for rest and finally decided to go to Kashi. That day 15th October after arati, He asked them to go to their residence for dining.

As Shri Krishna knows that there are such Bhaktas and Gurus, He refers Arjuna to them so that their greatness may increase and be known. After mature consideration they both decided that the picture satchaaritra be presented to Annasaheb Hemadpant and that he would protect it well. These were the days before crowds flocked to Baba, when Baba had solitary talks at the Mosque with such devotees.

No one, stacharitra he be father, mother, brother or any other relation, comes to our aid in attaining the goal of life self-realization. What I want is, feeling and devotion. When He returned, she was surprised to see that the fakir she saw in her vision, resembled exactly Baba. In that procession Baba looked like a veritable Pandurang Vithal.


Then Nana explained it word by word. He fancied that Baba knew sathcaritra of all this or of Sanskrit.

Veerbhadrappa got wild and angry and threatened to kill Chenbassappa cutting him to pieces. Previous Preparation It is the general practice amongst the Hindus that when a man is about to die, some good religious scripture gujagati read out to him with the object that his mind should be withdrawn from worldly things and fixed in matters spiritual, so that his future progress should be natural and easy.

Within a year He went to Deo and enquired about his progress. Then not to lead her astray and not to cause any misunderstanding he gave her the truth, i.

The latter answered in the affirmative. Then how could He be a Moslem or Brahmin? Since He was eighteen, His control of mind was perfect and extra-ordinary.

Shri Sai Satcharitra in Gujarati Chapter 17

The residents of the place collected funds for its repairs. Without love our reading, hearing and the study are of no avail.

The difference between the two lies in the attitude, high realization, marvellous super-human Sattva beingness and unrivalled capacity and Aishwarya Yoga divine powers. When Deo went to Baba, the satdharitra asked him when and with whom and what he was talking. In His earlier days, Baba slept on a wooden plank, 4 arms in length and only a span in breadth with panatis earthen lamps burning at the four corners. He had read Gita with commentaries and prided himself on his knowledge of all that.


I was standing in a deep sea in waist-deep water.

We do not get love for anything unless we feel earnestly about it. Exactly at twelve noon, the Trio came and joined the dinner party and after feeding themselves went away. One gentleman, named Anandrao Pakhade came there in search of Madhavarao. He also loved all creatures equally, for He felt that He was one with datcharitra.

Shri Sai Satcharitra | Shirdi Saibaba Bhakti Radio

Shri Sai Satcharitra Gujarati ch But he, who by his discourse creates in us, a distaste for the enjoyments of this world and the next, and gives us a taste of self-realization, who is well-versed in both the theoretical and practical knowledge self-realization deserves to be called a Sad-guru.

Baba — What word? Nana — Just what we are doing always Baba — Is it enough to render such service? But when he began to recollect the dream, he remembered each and every word the Sannyasi uttered in his dream. Baba accepted and ate it appreciatingly. The fakir followed her. It seems that they have also their ins and outs births shhri deaths.

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