Samsung iDCS Keyset User Guide – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File The iDCS 28D keyset has 28 programmable keys, the 18D keyset has 18, and . SPECIAL FEATURES GUIDE. iDCS DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM. March Samsung Telecommunications America reserves the right without. When assistance is needed, contact your Samsung Communications Specialist. priority over automatic night mode ie. the system once manually set will stay in .

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Display Number Dialled Samsung idcs 18d manual You Should Know Setting Up A Conference Busy Extension Camp-on Setting A Programmed Message Select Ring Tone Selecting Features Using Display Menus Lcr With Clear Cancelling A Callback Reset Station Passcodes To Default Saving The Clip Number Selecting A Ring Tone Paging And Messaging Calling The Door Phone Table of contents Table Of Contents Table Of Contents Create Programmed Station Messages Last Number Redial Answering Internal Calls Forward Follow Me Viewing The Next Clip Call Set Answer Mode Answering The Door Phone Save Number With Redial Call Park And Page Table of contents Locking Your Keyset Labeling Programmable Keys Setting A Message Indication Don’t have an account?


Calls In Queue Now Voice Announce Mode samsung idcs 18d manual Checking Station Status Secure Ohva ‘l’ Version Systems Only One Touch Speed Dialing Caller Id Review All Transfer To Voice Mail Samsung idcs 18d manual 8d Keyset Layout Advanced Programmed Message Station Call Pickup Number To Name Translation Meet Me Page Subscriber Main Menu Reviewing Past Clip Calls Keyset Status Indicator Abandon Call List System Access Codes Answering An Outside Call My Group Pickup Listening To Your Messages Adding Extenders To Samsung idcs 18d manual Redialling A Saved Clip Number Extension Call Pickup Average Call Time

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