Rocket electrophoresis (also referred to as electroimmunoassay or electroimmunodiffusion) is a simple, quick, and reproducible method for determining the. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Rocket Immunoelectrophoresis | Rocket electrophoresis (also referred to as electroimmunoassay or. When electrophoresis of an antigen is performed in an agarose gel containing the corresponding antibody, a rocket-like immunoprecipitate develops.

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These samples antigen are then electrophoresed into the agarose gel where interaction between antigen and antibody takes place.

Post a comment Name Examples include a-fetoprotein and certain pregnancy-associated proteins such as chorionic gonadotropin. Laurell C-B Electrophoretic and electroimmuno-chemical analysis of proteins. The method, originally introduced by Laurell 1 involves a comparison of the sample of unknown concentration rocket immunoelectrophoresis a series of dilutions of a known concentration of the protein, and requires a monospecific antiserum against the protein under investigation.

Journal of Immunological Methods The method is used for pheno-typing, for instance of the C4 complement component. The end result is rocket immunoelectrophoresis precipitation ‘rocket’ spreading out from the loading rocket immunoelectrophoresis. In this respect both electroim. Electroimmunoprecipitation and electroimmuno-focusing are also suitable for analysis of solubilized membrane proteins.

Adjacent to this section, the gel containing the relevant antibodies is moulded.

Rocket immunoelectrophoresis.

Laurell A-B Complement determination in clinical work. Analysis rocket immunoelectrophoresis these methods of membranes of immunoelfctrophoresis and thrombocytes as well as of membranes of microorganisms have proved valuable in the study of membrane proteins.

An electrophoresis equipment with a horizontal cooling plate was normally recommended for the electrophoresis.

Views Read Edit View history. Electroimmunoassay has been widely used for quantification, particularly immnoelectrophoresis plasma constituents such as acute phase proteins e. Some variants of immunoeelectrophoresis immunoelectrophoresis are similar to affinity chromatography by use of immobilized ligands. Therefore, visual examination of the shape of the precipitate is very important and rocket immunoelectrophoresis be compared with the shape of the precipitate obtained with a standard preparation of the relevant antigen.


The agarose was chosen as the gel matrix because it has large pores allowing free passage and separation of proteins, but provides an anchor rocket immunoelectrophoresis the immunoprecipitates of protein and specific rocket immunoelectrophoresis. About Contact Privacy Policy Resources.


On electrophoresis the antigen migrates towards the antibody, a precipitate being formed where they meet. Related Posts Foods to help if you have Liver Disease Cure Chronic Hives Naturally Principles rocket immunoelectrophoresis immunoelectron microscopy Polyclonal hypergammaglobulinemia polyclonal gammopathy Immune response in syphilis Basic biology of the rabbit immune system Hemolytic plaque assay procedures.

The resulting precipitates help to reveal identity, partial identity and nonidentity between the proteins used in the experiment. With these techniques protein mixtures are separated by electrophoresis in agarose, polyacrylamide gels, on cellulose acetate strips or by isoelectric rocket immunoelectrophoresis, followed by overlaying with monospecific antiserum.

Rocket immunoelectrophoresis technique is widely used in microbiology rocket immunoelectrophoresis the detection of bacterial carbohydrate antigens, especially in cerebrospinal fluid, and for detection of viral antigens in body fluids and in screening for viral antibodies.

Rocket immunoelectrophoresis. – PubMed – NCBI

Please review our privacy policy. After diffusion into the antibody-free gel, the proteins are induced by electrophoresis to migrate into the gel containing antibody.

Proteins are separated by electrophoresis, then antibodies are applied in a trough next to the separated proteins and immunoprecipitates are formed after a rocket immunoelectrophoresis of diffusion of rocket immunoelectrophoresis separated proteins and antibodies against each other. For example the terminal C5b-C9 complement complex was studied and could be rocket immunoelectrophoresis to be integrated in the erythrocyte membrane.


Thus the proteins can be characterized by their isoelectric point and the antigenic composition can be rocket immunoelectrophoresis. This method and its variants allows identification of ligand-binding proteins and characterization of reactive sites.

Add to My Bibliography. Rocket immunoelectrophoresis is one-dimensional quantitative immunoelectrophoresis. Samples were applied in holes in a rocket immunoelectrophoresis gel containing antibodies reacting with C3, C3b and C3c, but not with C3d.

Biochemistry methods Electrophoresis Molecular biology Protein methods Laboratory techniques Immunologic tests. Medical tests used in rocket immunoelectrophoresis and for inflammation CPT — At this stage the antigen x;antibody complex is insoluble.

In somewhat chronological order: Further analysis showed that the nonfunctioning inhibitor of the patient was complexed with albumin. The principle is the same as rocket immunoelectrophoresis immunoelectrophoresis using an intermediate gel containing antibody.

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Thus Cls rockets obtained with normal plasma are clear and distinct, whereas in many pathological sera diffuse precipitates are obtained, indicating changes in the antigenic reactivity of Cls, usually rocket immunoelectrophoresis to masking of antigenic rocket immunoelectrophoresis by complex formation with CI inhibitor or by conformational changes during activation of CI.

The high pH was chosen rocket immunoelectrophoresis antibodies are practically immobile at high pH.

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