The importance of Regis Debray in relation to the Latin American revolution stems from several things. He has broken from the rigid confines of European. First published in , it became a controversial handbook for guerrilla warfare and revolution, read alongside Che’s own pamphlets, and remains fully as. Armed Struggle and Political Struggle in Latin America [Regis Debray, the War Home: The Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction, and Revolutionary.

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The secular substitutes for the Word – talk, palaver, chatter -precede and regulate military activity, from the heavens above. Agriculture that is outside the national economy poses other problems: It is with this last that we have to concern ourselves primarily because it is an essential need of the movement to draw the theoretical conclusions of the Gevolution experience and regis debray revolution in the revolution apply them to Latin America generally.

Régis Debray

Because such people are not yet liberated from the old obsession, they believe that revolutionary awareness and organisation must and can in every case precede revolutionary action Cuban Revolution in his writings.

The guerilla force is the party in embryo. This is what has appeared as Revolution In deray Revolution?

This vigilance does not necessarily imply mistrust: Once the situation is analysed, democratic centralism helps to determine a line and to elect a general staff, after which it should be suspended in order to put the line into effect. He rails against the strategy of armed self-defense, regis debray revolution in the revolution the occupation and defense of a clearly defined territory by the revolutionary forces.

First, it is necessary to proceed from the small to the large: But in the long run the opposite is true: He has broken from the rigid confines of European Communism, even to the extent of rejecting the Communist Parties of Latin America as the automatic vanguard of the coming revolutions. The landless agricultural laborers of the Cuban sugar estates are not the same as the Indian peasants west of the Andes who practise subsistence or sub-subsistence farming and are almost totally outside of the national economy.

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Lenin built on that basis and was able to add from the experience of Russian workers in 19 5 and Am I rating its political argument, or it as a piece of historical literature? Still, this is definitely worth checking out as a histor Pretty hard regis debray revolution in the revolution rate this book. Undoubtedly, many are corrupted, as regis debray revolution in the revolution similar workers in industrialized countries. Psychological warfare is effective only if it is introduced into war itself.

Revolution in the Revolution? – Regis Debray

A comparison of the two works provides a valuable critique of Debray and an introduction to a theory of debfay for South America. He has seemed to be the theoretical embodiment of the Cuban Revolution and his writings are an attempt regis debray revolution in the revolution develop a theory of the Latin American Revolution based on the Cuban Experience.

A revolutionary armed struggle, wherever it exists or is in preparation, requires a thoroughgoing transformation of peacetime practices. It doesn’t make sense to go through all of Debray’s cautions and so on – the book is short enough that you can read them for yourself with little trouble – but I would like to quote the following: This slow climb from tactics to surrounding and corresponding strategy, along with the experience gained at all intermediate stages, is to some extent the history of the Cuban Revolution.

regis debray revolution in the revolution

In some respects it resembles the way SNCC functioned in the South in its early years despite the apparent opposition between the military character of the guerrilla band and the formal nonviolence of SNCC. But what makes these times revolutionary is not that all struggles are victorious but that the attempt at power is constantly being made.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By restricting itself to the task of protecting civilians or passive self-defence, the guerrilla unit ceases to be the vanguard of the people as a whole and deprives itself of a national perspective. After great defeats there tends to be a need for a period of regroupment and healing of wounds. The analysis of how to bring about a revolution, is forceful and precise. Not a word that Debray himself once thought the Regis debray revolution in the revolution struggle to be quite exemplary.

This conception would be sectarian if it were only a matter of keeping the resolute purity and clear conscience of the armed nucleus, but not if it is a question of a dynamic nucleus, conceived of as the generative force and leader of an unremitting offensive war. regis debray revolution in the revolution

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The guerrilla force is independent of the civilian population, in action as well as in military organisation; consequently it need not assume the direct defence of the peasant population. Such conduct convinces them of the essential: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Revolution in the Revolution?

Views Read Edit View history. Revllution of the favourites is regis debray revolution in the revolution a national frontto which will officially be entrusted the leadership of the armed sector. In a limited and defined number of seconds three men can now liquidate a troop transport truck carrying thirty soldiers, whereas with the older type of guns an equal number of guerrillas would have been required.

All three are concerned with security. Warfare should not be confused with propaganda.

Régis Debray – Wikipedia

Aug 29, Karlo Mikhail rated it liked it Shelves: Rumsoakedboy rated it liked it Jun 05, Intellectual, journalist, government official and professor. To ask other readers questions about Revolution in the Revolution? Mobility and flexibility or static self defence?

Instead of the military struggle being subordinate to politics, it now is politics. That takes patience, but more than that it takes an understanding of what the source of revolutionary theory must be.

To ignore the fact that there were guiding theoretical conceptions in the Cuban Revolution regis debray revolution in the revolution were rooted in the past history of Cuba, back beyond July 26, to the wars of independence against Spain, to insist that the theoretical lesson of the Cuban Revolution was trial and error, is to insist that the Cuban Revolutio has no lessons whatever and should be ignored in the rest of Latin America.

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