14 Oct Pitigrilli will find a new generation of readers with this new edition translation of his comic cautionary tale flaunting the ludicrous excesses and. Pitigrilli’s classic novel was first published in Italian in and charts the comedy and tragedy of a young man’s downfall and the lure of a bygone era. Pitigrilli was the pseudonym of Dino Segre, born in Turin in to a well-to-do Jewish father and a Catholic mother. He worked as a foreign correspondent in.

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This has a cynical, brittle, world-weary tone that seems very typical of the 20s and 30s. But all in all, you can definitely pass on Cocaine unless you have a special interest in the outlandish drug culture of the s. Pitigrilli had traveled in Europe in the s while maintaining his house in Turin. The central character, Tito Arnaudi, spends most of the novel shuttling between 2 women, the wealthy Armenian widow Kalantan and the not-very-talented music-hall dancer Maud.


This translation makes the books feel like it was originally written in English and passed off as Italian for decades. While in Kalantan’s circle, he develops an addiction to cocaine.

Through the steamed up windows two dense and continuous streams of people were to be seen.

Like them, he does not suffer simply from insatiable jealousy. Segre’s primary topic is the relationship between men and women but along the novel he exposes his opinions on the mobmysticismjournalistsreligion, medicine, and more. There, the insouciant Tito watches, snorts cocaine, and swaps barbed badinage with the other voyeuristic revelers.

Dino Segre wrote a brilliant nihilistic and cynical satire, wonderfully capturing much of the state of post WWI Europe with all it’s hypocrisy, bigotryand deceit. As a journalist, I can’t help but make comparisons between Pitigrilli’s and our speculative media. Open Preview See a Problem? It’s almost as if it was a more intellectual read then what I’m used to.


Fuse Book Review: In Pitigrilli’s Intoxicating “Cocaine,” Love is the Drug

They ruled his first wife was effectively a concubine. Why would this review, far less elaborate and flagrant a fabrication than his guillotine story, finally force his editor to give him he axe? One is stuck on top of another and covers pitigfilli completely.

A man with mistresses more enticing and intriguing then him. Tito next moves on to medicine. No more than X left with your woman. We want it to be believed that Jews are badly off in Poland to prevent others from coming here. His tragic vision of the human condition, expressed through ironic wit and eloquences, distinguishes the great literature of any era. Pitjgrilli, bitter and heartbroken, seeks solace in the decadent demimonde of Paris.

Fortunately, the writing gets a little less hysterical as the story goes on. In Alexander Stille published Benevolence and Betrayal: Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

The account, plastered on the front page of The Fleeting Momentis a sensation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. To say more would be to deprive the reader of the fascination of uncovering al the subplots and naughty aspects of not only Tito’s behavior but also that of the myriad bizarre characters who serve as the props for this Salvador Daliesque adventure. As a young adult, Segre had started working as a journalist and novelist in Turin, a center of literary culture.

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Fuse Book Review: In Pitigrilli’s Intoxicating “Cocaine,” Love is the Drug

It’s rare that a book makes you laugh deeply, but the tone and the dialogue and the indelibly true facts laid bare by the main character made me laugh, while at the same moment pricking me with a bone-deep pang. What do you think? Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. It s most appropriate that the new Vessel Press found it fitting to print an Afterword by Alexander Stile who In published a study of five Italian Jewish families under Fascism.


It recalls authors as diverse as Nathanael West and the Marquis de Sade in its chronicle of year-old Tito Arnaudi, a cynical, charming, precociously world-weary anti-Candide introduced in a paragraph that sounds like a flippant take-off of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

The only wonder to us is that some enterprising translator did not render some of his books available in English sooner. Anyways, I don’t recommend the book to anyone, even if the woman you rented the apartment from had it among some other bunch of books that you planned to read.

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But Maud is as much of a free spirit as he is — “an embryonic international, intercontinental, transoceanic adventuress capable of accliatization to males of all races”, Tito recognizes when he first sees her as Maud — at least as far as intimacy goes, and she has more lovers than he does, complicating any sort of romantic relationship.

Tito’s honest and loving — really assessment of Maud’s prospects presumably isn’t how a girl wants to be wooed: Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Pitigrilli 5 38 Oct 05, The novel’s descriptions of sex and drug use prompted church authorities to place it on a list of forbidden books, while appealing to filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder who wrote a script based on the tale.

Five Italian Jewish Families under Fascismp. Share your thoughts with other customers. Renouncing her endless quest for the ultimate in refined and forbidden sensation, she has dedicated herself solely to him, offering herself up as his paramour, patroness, and acolyte.

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