30 Jul FEMA releases updated Pinellas County flood map and residents to interact with it to find important information like evacuation zones. 26 Jul Flood Insurance Rate Maps and parcel specific flood zone information Pinellas County Flood Map; Other maps available at 28 Jul PINELLAS COUNTY, FL — The Federal Emergency Management Administration has released updated, digital flood hazard maps that show the.

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Largo firefighters unveil a banner that shows what a storm surge of up to 35 pinellaz – Level E or the highest evacuation zone – looks like. Information for West Florida Study Area. Finding high ground in Pinellas County is possible. Rates are calculated based on a variety of factors, including elevation and building construction.

Pinellas County, Florida – Emergency Management – Know Your Zone

By law, all homes in high-risk zones carrying a mortgage must be covered by flood insurance. Enter your address and you will be provided not only information on fllood evacuation zone, but also the closest shelter, the closest special needs shelter, and the closest hotel accommodation. Pinellas County residents can find their evacuation zone by visiting www.

A historical flood map that shows the historical flood levels that have occurred in the area of interest; B flood extent map, which shows the exceedance probability corresponding to the 10,and year storm. In addition, another 20, properties changed from a non-evacuation zone to an evacuation zone.

It is important to understand that these maps have not yet had current sea level rise information integrated. The evacuation zones are marked from A through E, floov non-evacuation zones. In the event of the approach of a tropical storm or a zonr crossing the state and exiting over Pinellas, the potential for storm surge may not be as great.

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The model simulations that give the spatial extents in B can be used to produce a flood depth map with each return period; Coubty flood danger map, which represents a possible qualitative flood map.

Under Florida Statute Use our interactive maps to see the difference. For a given storm category about 2, to 4, simulations are run for each coastal area. If you would like to provide input on the Preliminary map, please click here to complete a survey.

The county also rolled out its new “Ready Pinellas” app, which will help residents who would like to plan for hurricane season now. And you will avoid the crowds when it comes time to head home. Current and Emerging Technologies of Hurricane Protection. Returning Home and Rebuilding. Everyone in Pinellas County is in a flood zone.

However, this does provide law enforcement the basis to remove anyone who is impeding the flow of an evacuation. The first is a recommended evacuation. Additional Links on HSS. An evacuation order is given to get people away from the deadliest part of a hurricane — storm surge.

Each time FEMA provides a community with updated flood hazard data, the community must adopt or amend floodplain management regulations to incorporate the new data and meet any additional requirements that result from any changes in the data. During Hurricane Katrina, residents of coastal Mississippi were caught off guard by storm surge flood waters. An important thing to remember is that flood losses are not covered by homeowners insurance policies. Preliminary results of the Testbed indicate that the accuracy of calculated storm surge and coastal inundation is very sensitive to the input data topography, Source: Updated Pinellas County hurricane evacuation zone map.

The process usually takes several years to complete and includes the following steps: Click Here to find your Evacuation Zone. In addition, a real-time coastal inundation forecasting system can be developed to provide timely inundation forecasts to enable more effective planning and response.


Pinellas County, Florida – Flood Maps & Zones

Waterways are designated by streamlines and labels. View Slideshow 1 of 3. Contact our Flood Information Services hotline at When it comes to evacuating, there are many decisions to make. Credit Pinellas County Emergency Management. Zone X purple colors indicates moderate flood areas outside the limits of the base flood 0.

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The new app can also be downloaded free for Apple or Android mobile devices by searching “Ready Pinellas” in your app store or by going to www. Dark blue colors indicate greater than 8ft of flooding whree white areas would experience ft of flooding.

There is one jap exception to this: Overview of Flood Hazard Mapping Updates.

Also, for a tutorial on how to read a FIRM map, please go here. Since the JPM considers the probability of occurrence of each of the observed hurricane characteristics, each of the storms in the ensemble is assigned a probability of occurrence, and results of the storm surge runs are used to define a distribution of Base Flood Elevations BFEs.

Public meetings will be held. On a typical spring day, when it hasn’t rained in a while, about 7 million gallons of raw sewage flows into St. Some inland areas yellow color are predicted to be inundated by ft of water, while other areas with light blue colors will have ft of inundation. Entire buildings pinellaas moved and the loss of life was staggering. What Property Owners Need to Know.

Everyone is at risk for flooding.

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