21 Jan PC PNDT act is the must know law for everyone practising sonology. In order to regulate use and prohibit misuse of technology, the Pre-Conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (PC & PNDT) act enacted in and. passage of the PC-PNDT Act marks the earliest acknowledgment by the law makers on This act known as the PC-PNDT Act () came into force in

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The Act is legislated in a manner that acct should be a deterrent for those indulging in sex determination. If registered as genetic clinic, separate monthly report to be sent or not. The unfortunate decline in the male-female sex ratio has brought in stringent measures, there is suspension of registration, filing of criminal cases and sealing of machines. The PC-PNDT Act was enacted on 20 September with the intent pcpnst prohibit prenatal diagnostic techniques for determination of cppndt sex of the fetus leading to female feticide.

The recent scenario indicates the strict actions of the appropriate authority and the stern view of the Courts. The main purpose of enacting the act is to ban the use of sex selection techniques after conception and prevent the misuse of prenatal diagnostic technique for sex selective abortions.

The sex ratio is an indicator which describes the number of women per men for a given population.

Chapter III,4 v Provided that the person conducting ultrasonography on a pregnant woman shall keep complete record thereof in the clinic in such manner, as may be prescribed, and any deficiency or inaccuracy found therein shall amount to contravention of provisions of section 5 or section 6 unless contrary is proved by the person conducting such ultrasonography.

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Then subsequent thereto-criminal cases are also registered. Every staff member of an ultrasound clinic has to wear name batch. That is to say the preliminary object was to put a check on female feticide.

But at the same time it is very simple to fulfill and abide by the requisitions of the Act. Ultrasound being diagnostic procedure declaration has to be taken in language patient understands and copy to cppndt given to patient.

Creating awareness among the public at large by placing the board of prohibition on sex determination. And other as per above rule 3. Nil Conflict of Interest: Axt act banned prenatal sex determination.

Thirdly form F also has declaration of patient as well as doctor. There is confusion as per aft 3. This article is an effort to show that The Act though draconic can be easily followed by fulfilling certain mandatory requisitions laid under the Act.

It is pertinent to note that the conviction may not be very severe, but it may result in suspension of registration under the State Council Act, which is an issue to be seriously noted by all. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. In other criminal cases the prosecution has to prove that the accused is guilty. This process began in the early s when ultrasound techniques gained widespread use in India. The Act was enacted inamended and effectively implemented in and strictly amended in The AA has full immunity if he states that he has taken any action in good faith.

There is another issue which arises and that is sealing of machines. Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. Sex selection is any act of identifying the sex of the foetus and elimination of the foetus if it is of the unwanted sex. The Courts have at all material times and in all possible manners delivered judgments indicating therefore that the PC-PNDT Act is actually a whip to penalize those indulging in sex determination and to serve as a deterrent to others.

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Important points in the PC-PNDT Act

Gynecologist having experience of performing at least 20 procedures pcpndg chorionic villi aspirations per vagina or per abdomen, chorionic villi biopsy, amniocentesis, cordocentesis foetoscopy, foetal skin or organ biopsy or foetal blood sampling etc.

Change in equipment and radiologist we do report, however change in other employees, like say an attendant or nurse, do we need to report? Female foeticide in Avt. Tender Notice Tender Opening Ambulance.

Notice Extension for submission of tender for hiring of Statutory Auditor. Besides, criminal prosecution will also bring in suspension and cancellation of registration granted by the State Medical Council. Prashant Onkar and Kajal Mitra.

Footnotes Source of Support: Does an ultrasound clinic have to keep such a register that was initially meant to be maintained by a genetic clinic or laboratory? Marwein System Analyst, Email Id- dhs[dot]mchfw-meg[at]gov[dot]in.

Important points in the PC-PNDT Act

The main purpose of the act pcpndy to prohibit and regulate the use of diagnostics techniques before and or after conception for sex determinations leading to sex selective elimination of foetus.

Style Switcher A A A. In the developed societies where female and male enjoy equal status, the women usually outnumber men. Health Facilities Ambulance Facility.

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