by Okot p’Bitek. Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol are among the most successful African literary works. Song of Lawino is an African woman’s lamentation over. Other articles where Song of Lawino is discussed: Okot p’Bitek: His first collection of poetry, Song of Lawino, addresses the issue of the conflict of cultures. 7 Mar A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol by Okot p’Bitek.

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Among the reasons he rejects Lawino is: Like Coconut, this book gave me much to think about and make decisions on. If Ocol had run from them to the dance as Lawino did he would have learnt things that meant something to him: La Chanson de Lawino – France.

Song of Lawino | poem by p’Bitek |

There is no middle ground here — as, indeed there is no discussion: The poem Song of Lawino is a lamentation, and true to its type, it adopts the African dirge format: They are simply not hers. He wants to challenge all concerned with nation building to make their own activities in light of his ideas. Common terms and phrases Acoli Acoli version African Aime Cesaire ancestors beautiful become beer belly breasts bridewealth brother Bull cattle Chapter chest chicken child clansmen clay for moulding Clementine cooking dance daughter dead death diseases diviner-priest drums dung earth elephant English eyes father fire firewood ghost girl goat grass grinding Gulu hair half-gourd head hear homestead horn house-flies Hunchback husband says insults Iteso Kalenjin Kampala Lango Listen look Lugbara Maasai Mbarara medicine men’s millet moon mother mouth Nairobi Ocol says Ocol’s Okot Okot p’Bitek Okot’s Padre Party poem poisons praise Pumpkin rains share my husband shout shrine simsim sing skin sleep smell someone Song of Lawino Song of Ocol sour sweet spear stone stove stupid suck Taban lo Liyong teacher things okot p bitek song of lawino songs tree Uganda Uhuru ululations uproot village walk waragi white man’s white woman women words young youths.

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To Lawino, therefore, modernity has not brought as much benefits as Ocol would want her to believe. The poem is a satirical comment on the neo-colonial mentality of the African petty bourgeoisie-the intellectuals and political leaders of Africa. For her, this is not okot p bitek song of lawino last word. First, he is so thoroughly colonized that he hates himself for being black:.

The first Chapter sets up the differences between Lawino and Ocol. Describing the charade that was political independence, Ocol in Song of Ocol says:.

Lawino also portrays the African conception of death as being a phenomenon that is all-powerful, and no earthly force could resist it:. Meanwhile, Lawino thinks Ocol and those who have pursued European-style education have lost an essential okot p bitek song of lawino of themselves, in distancing themselves from the traditional.

I read it in high school but its still a great okot p bitek song of lawino He prevents Lawino from visiting the diviner priest or making sacrifices when she is in trouble: Because he works in the government, he wants to modernize Africa in those values.

Don’t see your favourite store? When his blindness is cured, he will see and appreciate her dancing:.

African Books Collective: Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol

This is also true of some of Okot’s imagery. In Section Twelve, however, her clansmen occupy the center of subject matter which becomes even more apparent when it is compared with Song of prisoner, whose density of texture is sustained throughout and whose language is packed with emotion and feeling.

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Every thing he uses belongs to his master:. And it is not only the other party that he condemns. And she believes That this is beautiful p. Ostensibly, her argument is that European culture is good for Okot p bitek song of lawino and African culture good for Africans, but in an apparently objective comparison she uses subtle animal imagery to portray a negative okot p bitek song of lawino of things for European and a positive picture of African values.

Song of Lawino

Lawino, who also symbolizes African tradition, adopts as the butt of her attacks, her husband Ocol. This idea is followed into Chapter Eight when Lawino also argues that breast feeding isn’t something you can hold strictly to time.

If they do not accept the challenge, then like Nyerere and Sengor who are looking for an African mould for nation-building will be utterly defeated by the continuing cultural okot p bitek song of lawino of Europe on Africa. And when he is recovered, if he only gives her:. She lashes out at corruption, points out that many politicians joined the campaign for material gain: Despite his high opinion of himself, he is no more than a servant of lawinp Instead he has lost his head: I do not know the dances of white people.

Here Lawino asks questions in a genuine mood of enquiry.

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