The Nevil Shute autobiography of his early years in aviation and the R Airship disaster. By William McCandless. Slide Rule was published in and. 12 Oct About Slide Rule. Nevil Shute was a pioneer in the world of flying long before he began to write the stories that made him a bestselling novelist. 3 Sep Slide Rule by Nevil Shute. Nevil Shute was a power and a pioneer in the world of flying long before he began to wr.

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Want to Read saving…. Norway continues his description nevil shute slide rule his non-author working years as he details his involvement in starting up an aeroplane manufacturing business from its beginnings as merely an idea through all of its “teething problems” of both the constant effort required to obtain sufficient financing and frequent re-design issues that had to be overcome nevil shute slide rule create a successful final product.

The inspiration for many of the themes and concerns of Shutes novels can be found in this enjoyable and enlightening memoir.

Slide Rule

There is no doubt that the novelist Shute is at work here! From a Low and Quiet Sea. Dec 31, Andrew McClarnon rated it liked it.

Rebecca Daphne du Maurier. Nevil Shute Norway was the chief nevil shute slide rule and a primary project manager of the capitalist team. Nevil Shute was a pioneer in the world of flying long before he began to write the stories that made him a bestselling novelist. Few however have probably read this book, his autobiography.


He is good and interesting company, especially before his personal life becomes entirely taken up with the history necil Airspeed Ltd. Oct 21, Nicholas Whyte added it. Slide Rule concentrates on Nevil Shute’s work in aviation, ending slive when he left the industry. Apr 13, Stuart rated it liked it. I would recommend it as a good read only based on very specific interests–engineering, aircraft, aircraft des This is an autobiography of Nevil Shute, one of my favorite authors.

After he was discharged from the army, Nevil studied engineering at Oxford frankly, I did not know that this university has a department of engineeringbut nevil shute slide rule a mediocre student: But, for true fans of his fiction, I recommend it very much.

This was an interesting book, but a little slow going. On top of that, the looming clouds of war – in Spain, China and Ethiopia, and coming up close to home – were crucial in making the company break even by the time he was eased out with a golden handshake in While it’s always interesting to get that nevil shute slide rule into a writer’s background, his first-hand account of the growth of British aviation is much more fascinating.

A similar parallel is seen in Landfall and again in Most Secret where characters are caught in the crossfire of bureaucratic military agencies, the Navy vs.

Nevil Shute Norway was a nevil shute slide rule British novelist and a successful aeronautical engineer.

He lived in Australia for the ten years before his death. Nevil Shute Norway grew up in the early part of the twentieth nevil shute slide rule, just a bit too young to have participated in World War I. What a good book. Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte. A Man in Full. Stay in Touch Sign up. With some partners Shute next formed “Airspeed”, dedicated to the production of airplanes. Round the next corner and in the next nevil shute slide rule Adventure lies in wait for you.


Slide rule: the autobiography of an engineer – Nevil Shute – Google Books

Their work ethic is praised with novels like Trustee and Round the Bend. Shute was Norwegian nor that he worked on one of the only two English dirigibles. Slide Rule by Nevil Tule.

Nevil shute slide rule Norway he wrote under his middle name Shute to keep his writing career and his engineering career rkle was born in to a senior English civil servant. The first is about Shute’s experiences nevil shute slide rule on the R airship project at Vickers. However, before the contract could be signed, the Labor Party took power and decreed that two competing airships would be built, the “capitalist” R and the R, designed and constructed by the zlide itself.

The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka.

The development was set up in the form of a competition in which one aeroship would be designed and built on a private-industry capitalist nevil shute slide rule and the other through a government-initiated Air Ministry organization. Nevil Shute was a British writer, and in the year after World War II some of his novels became well-known the world over.

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