Leslie Allen “Les” Carlyon AC, is an Australian writer, who was born in northern Victoria in The book was the basis for the Australian TV miniseries Gallipoli, released in the year of the th anniversary of the campaign. His The. The definitive work and national bestseller”The book of the year” Alan Ramsey, Sydney Morning HeraldLes Carlyon’s Gallipoli is the epic story of the fighting. Booktopia has Gallipoli, Centenary Edition by Les Carlyon. Buy a discounted Hardcover of Gallipoli online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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May 14, Rdurie rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author Carylon fulfills these goals with great expertise of research and writing talent. But historical fashions change and today the consensus is that Gallipoli was a bloody disaster. History books Higher education Gallipoli reviews. The capture of the Sari Bair heights from Anzac, directed by General Godley, was the main event; the landing carlon Suvla under Stopford was the sideshow, if a big one.

The incident at the Nek was like incest: He soon discovered, as he ought to have gallipoli in the first place, that the landscape was designed for defence. This disaster was subject to widespread neglect in coverage: View all 15 comments. Such minor complaints aside, after working at this for a couple of chapters, I eventually found my feet and began to enjoy the story and I can recommend this as a fine account.

Mustafa Kemal, the inspiring and diligent caryon captain of the Turks at Anzac in Gallipoli and later commander of the critical 19th division.

Les Carlyon – Wikipedia

The typical futile charges of ranks of men with rifles galllpoli bayonets against machine yallipoli resembles the same depressing situation as the Western Front, with the same tragic outcome of mass slaughter wrought by 19th century tactics against modern weapons. And the two tend to get mixed up. But it was executed too slowly, giving the Turks enough time to beef up their artillery at the many small forts along the passage and bring in mobile howitzers.

Antill behaved like he always did, like a bull strung up in barbed wire.


Of course his politics was the same as Menzies who did him proud leading us into WW2 and making the decisions he did in support of England, content top leave Australia’s defences against the Japanese denuded as a result. The great story was actually not the beach, the great story was up on the escarpment, in the hills, among all the razorbacks and cliffs and that mad country that’s Gallipoli. This biographical article about a print editor is a stub.

Bully beef and fly stew

He alternates between the politics of the British government and military High Command and anecdotes of life in the trenches that will carylon you laugh, cry, be outraged and feel a little gallipli sick in a regular rotation.

As Carlyon himself concludes, “Gallipoli Nov 08, Andy Janes rated it liked it Shelves: The Allied forces, which included a large contingent of Australian and New Zealand soldiers ANZACnever succeeded in advancing more than a couple of thousand yards up the cliffs and hills of the rough, arid lands at the southern portions of the peninsula overlooking the Dardanelles.

One hundred thousand Allied troops would be in action on five fronts.

People call him sanguine. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. They became inured to filth, lice, “bully beef and fly stew”. Kemal Mustafa the future Attaturk and his German commander Liman von Sanders brilliantly marshalled their limited and poorly equipped troops and artillery to restrain the advance of the Allies and keep them off the commanding ridges. The story begins with the opening battle at the Dardanelles all the way through to the evacuation of the allied troops after horrible deadlock and attrition.

Those thigh bones you occasionally see rearing out of the yellow earth of Gully ravine, snapped open so that they look like pumice, belong to a generation of young men who on this peninsula first lost their innocence and then their lives, and maybe something else as well However, Carlyon is remarkably restrained about the incompetent Pommie leadership, even pointing out that Peter Weir’s film Gallipoli is unfair to the British.

They had minimal artillery support but did not flinch from barbed wire and machine guns. He believed in the magnificent intangibles: An odd choice for a pacifist to curl up with, I suppose, but it’s a well written and clear-eyed account of the fascinating, heart-breaking Dardanelles campaign.

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The reality, when one reads it, is that the horrors of this campaign are a far stretch from civil pageantry which commemorates it today. In all, over the eight months of fighting, it generated somedeaths andcasualties on both sides. Open Preview See a Problem?

Rupert Brooke’s death from a poisoned mosquito bite was as improbable, he says, as Sir Lancelot succumbing to “terminal dandruff”. It highlights to me that the attempt to try and take that part of the world was just another modern crusade.

It was like an exotic bet on a series of horse races. In some cases, his feelings sometimes get the better of him and sarcasm drips from the page, generally when he describes the behaviour of the British and Australian “leaders”.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The site of the British landings at the tip of the peninsula Cape Helles was well defended, whereas that for the ANZAC forces further up the western side of Gallipoli was mistakenly made at an unpropitious beach surrounded by steep hills but easily defended by the small force at hand.

Brilliantly told, supremely readable and deeply moving, Gallipoli brings this epic tragedy to life and stands as both a landmark chapter in the history of the war and a salutary reminder of all that is fine and all that is foolish in the human condition.

You had men who literally came back and were told, ‘Right, you’ve done that, now go and get a job and get on with your life.

In over pages of narrative we get to hear the soldiers speak of their terrible trials and tribulations fighting in a harsh environment against a formidable enemy. What happened on the Somme inin some ways, was worse.

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