StateLine frequency inverters for easy, controlled motion. Performance data : Mains: 1 AC / V: to kW / to A; Mains: 3 AC / V. Inverter Drives StateLine C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Lenze · StateLine · Reference manual · DMS EN · 02/ · TD Inverter Drives TopLine. Easily achieve high dynamic performance and precision. Frequency inverters for controlled, dynamic motion. Performance data.

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Lenze 8400 User Manual

The memory module serves as the memory unit for all parameters. Automatic motor identification for optimum operational performance Protective functions to prevent short circuit, earth fault and motor stalling for safe operation StateLine.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Themaster control is responsible for selecting these L-force diagnostic interface for diagnostics and parameter position records and specifying the process.

Lenze 8400 Reference Manual: Parameter List

This helps to reduce control costs, save space in the control via bus systems is needed. Lenze Reference Manual pages. Page – Settings for internal brake resistor E Page 27 – Handling the memory module Page 28 Page 29 – Device identification Page 30 – Commissioning Page 31 – Safety instructions with regard to commi Image representative of range. Shield connection for control cables The HighLine is also recommended for applications such as rotary indexing tables, rolling and sliding doors and positioning tasks in warehouse systems.

The parameter settings keypad and everything you would expect from a modern frecan then be copied onto any number ofmodules.

This chapter lists all parameters of the operating system in numerically ascending order. The parameter descriptions are based on the software version V Page – Process when brake is released Page – Process when brake is closed Page Page – Behaviour in case of pulse inhibit Page – Feedforward control of the motor before Please no technical questions by PM, use the forum sections for your questions.

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The access and parameter modification are available even during StateLine is also perfectly suited to applications such as paloperation – whether as a standalone device or networked via a fieldbus.

Inverter Drives TopLine – Lenze in Germany. As easy as that.

Got it, continue to print. Product Support Services Forum mySupport. Home Products current Contact News Export. The All versions include a standard, hot pluggable leenze for easy operation, parameter setting and diagnostics. Hi I have had a one go with Lenze Drive and lebze was that bytes were sent to drive in wrong order. Data StateLine steps up from the BaseLine applications if these have to satisfy more stringent requirements.

Lenze servo line has numbers like or Lenze Hardware Manual pages. The integrated brake management cabinet and streamline wiring.

Page Page Page – Analog terminals Page – Parameterising analog input Page Page – User-defined terminal assignment Page – Source-destination principle Page Page – Changing the terminal assignment via con Page 32 – Trouble-shooting during commissioning Page 33 – Commissioning wizard Page 34 Page 35 – Prepare controller for commissioning Page 36 Page 37 – Parameterising the motor control Page 38 Page 39 – Parameterise application Page 40 Page 41 – Saving parameter settings safe against m On each and every one, the installation, parameterisation, operation or service are identical.

Page 26 – User lenzs for quick access to frequently Product Information Page Powerful new variable speed drives Precisely tailored to your application – this is what the new Lenze frequency inverter generation stands for. The pluggablememory chip can be parameterised via the frequency inverter itself or the PC.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page Page – Functional settings Page – Switching thresholds Page – Application and release time Page Page – Motor magnetising time only with asynch Page 20 – Overview: Mains switching at too high a rate is also fine for the Online diagnostics StateLine as the input circuit is protected from overload.


840 See for Reference manual – pages Hardware manual – pages Communications manual – 94 pages. Page – Basics on error handling in the controll Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Follow us on Twitter Youtube. The BaseLine design is the entry-level model in terms of functionality and drive behaviour.

I had to assign a value to all bits on the control block and not leave any of them floating etc. HI All, I have lenzr my attempts upto now and the associated lenze document. Combined with intelligent features, as provided by the memory module and the online-diagnostics the drives contribute to process optimisation and more added value in the engineering industry.

Page 17 Page 18 – Integrated technology applications Page 19 – Selection of the appropriate commissioni Integrated interference suppression in accordance with The HighLine assumes the applications of the EN StateLine if these need to satisfy more stringent requirements.

The benefit quency inverter suitable for universal use, the BaseLine is the ideal solution for applications such as conveyor drives, pumps, fans or ventilators.

Inverter Drives HighLine – Lenze in the Americas. As easy as that.

Precisely tailored to your application – this is what the new Lenze frequency inverter generation stands for. You may use CAW instruction to swap bytes in the word before sending it to the drive. Site Explorer Site Explorer. Thanks a lot for support.

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