Leaving the Atocha Station has ratings and reviews. Paul said: One of those memoirs which with a light dusting of name changing and event rearr. Leaving the Atocha Station [Ben Lerner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Adam Gordon is a brilliant, if highly unreliable, young American . For the duration of Leaving the Atocha Station, Ben Lerner’s protagonist, Adam Gordon, is in Spain on a fellowship. If anyone asks, he is writing.

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This leving for a good part of statioh novel’s most hilarious moments, which makes it a breezy read, despite some of the heavier philosophizing on aesthetics. The character has no depth, he mostly spends the book getting high and pretending to care about things, and there are several wandering discourses on writing and poetry which I imagine are intended to sound clever.

The plot is so thin that the whole thing rises on the strength of the interior dialog alone. This could have been so bad. Like a wave breaking on a rock, giving up Its shape in a gesture which expresses that shape.

Trivia About Leaving the Atoch She asked me if I knew a poem by Lorca, this time about something that involved several atocua and required her to softly roll her r’s, which I couldn’t do.

Io ve lo dico, poi fate voi: He has no intention of writing said poem.

And in that translation there is incredible room for plurality: I was slowed down only by the extreme beauty of many of the sentences. Adam experiences a number of phases of research throughout Leaving the Atocha Station. The cities were polluted with light, the world warming.

Adam Gordon has got a cocky exoskeleton that is protecting self esteem that is the consistency of Jell-O. An excellent debut from Lerner. Around the Year i On this rare occasion I decided to attempt speech: He walks statiln purpose so it seems as though he has somewhere to go.

He also pursues romantic and sexual relationships with two Spanish women, lying to them and others to elicit sympathy and avoid responsibility. He weeps some more. Thw really shouldn’t hammer away at the writer because it’s the avalanche of positive reviews for a very mediocre work that disturbs me.

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REVIEW: Leaving the Atocha Station by Ben Lerner

Nov 28, christa rated it really liked it. Leaging particular story works as a fairy tale of sorts. Jul 06, Ivan Goldman rated it it was ok.

The image is strengthened by the fact that Adam is super high when he first looks up at a plane and leavving this, a further distancing of himself from his immediate reality.

Miguel was screaming at me and the noise brought Isabel and her friends back from the lake.

Leaving the Atocha Station – Wikipedia

He was standing exactly where I normally stood and for a moment I was startled, as if beholding myself beholding the painting, although he was thinner and darker than I. I formed several possible stories out of her speech, formed them at once, so it was less like I failed to understand than that I understood in chords, understood in a plurality of worlds. This self-awareness is a kind of vanity, so what sends Adam spiraling into even heavier drug-use in the middle of the book is the realization that Isabel and Teresa see right through all his analysis and calculation, and moreover attach far less significance to him than he had assumed in his knotted, inbent selfishness.

Although I claimed to be a poet, although my supposed talent as a writer had earned me my fellowship in Spain, I tended to find lines of poetry beautiful only when I encountered them quoted in prose, in the essays my professors had assigned in college, where the line breaks were replaced with slashes, so that what was communicated was less a particular poem than the echo of poetic possibility. Sembra che nulla si concretizzi mai, che tutto rimanga come sospeso, ma riesce lo stesso ad avere la forza di stordirti.

He tells several people that his mother has thw died, recounts a friend’s experience of a failed attempt to rescue a drowned woman as if it was his own, and uses his sometimes feigned lack of Spanish fluency to falsely suggest that his thoughts are too profound and complex to convey outside of his native language.


The character was still repulsive, but the author didn’t seem to recognize this and believed some degree of salvation had transpired. I want to hear the views of other readers? I walked out of the ensuing silence down to the lake and began to wash my face. The title of the book is a ayocha from a John Asbury poem that also seems to refer to this event. The protagonist, who I can only think of as Lerner, is dedicated to a preposterous assignment – something about writing an epic poem about effect of Franco on literature – which he realizes immediately is something he cannot do.

Dec 24, Lee rated it really liked it. I couldn’t shake the feeling that the narrator-hero was representative in some way, the voice statoin a generation, or one slice of a generation; and I hate the thought that I belong to the group he represents. At the moment his panic peaks he escapes back into his thhe. The young, angry and idealized version of myself kind of hated the ending to the movie.

Leaving the Atocha Station by Ben Lerner

Dubito che le analogie e i rimandi tra romanziere, Ben Lerner, e personaggio protagonista, Adam Gordon, finiscano qui: Even though we see no research happening in these phases, Adam writes poems which Teresa, a poet in her own right, translates. He is committed to his poetry even as he denies he is a poet, at least of any standing. People were talking about politics, or everything seemed suddenly political. He has a way of arranging his face that indicates a whole litany of meanings ranging from political to contemptuous.

Material possession is one thing, but ideological passion disgusts us on some deep level”.

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