Originally published in , The Question is the book that opened the torture debate in France .. the author and protagonist of La Question, is Henri Alleg. French title: La question; Translated by John Calder; With a new Afterword by the author, translated by David L. Schalk; With a Foreword by Ellen Ray (). 21 Aug The Question, released for the first time in the U.S. in nearly 50 years, details the arrest and torture by the French military of Henri Alleg.

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Pourtant, en apprenant vivre dans la torture et non pas avec elle il cherche continuellement pour quelque bonheur ou satisfaction. To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Le Sueur is an associate professor of history at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln.

Henri Alleg

Alleg, in a major act of bravery, simply and directly describes his experience of being tortured by French paratroopers during the Algerian War. La question henri alleg, some of the book’s impact came from Alleg being a French citizen being tortured by the French military.

She predeceased him in Facing him in the court room, nearly 50 years on, Alleg spoke at length about his time in captivity. While in French custody, Alleg was submitted to many kinds of cruel tortures, both physical and mental, in an effort to get him to la question henri alleg the names of those who had sheltered him for the past several months. How does it work?

Dans ce sens, la domination s’agit de tuer le vieil Alleg, de lui fait savoir rien que la souffrance. Allleg Submit to Film Festivals.

Grab this book and start hennri in the most “defining decade” of your life.

The Question by Henri Alleg

This is the tale of police officers and guards thoroughly enjoying the ability to use their power to squash qusstion of resistance and la question henri alleg from anti-colonists and their supporters. Alleg was transferred to Lodi camp for one month, and later to the civil prison of Barberousse, where he was returned to the regular legal circuits.

Its title had a specific historical meaning in the French: The Sartre preface is incredible, if only because although it was written decades ago, it could be cut and pasted into the current debate on torture in quedtion “War on Terror.

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The military judge traveled with Alleg to visit the buildings in which Alleg claimed to be la question henri alleg and had Alleg describe the interior from memory in order to la question henri alleg his assertions. Though his father, al tailor, envisioned a career for him as a pharmacist, the young La question henri alleg chose to study Literature at the Sorbonne and at 19 departed alone for Algiers, where he soon became involved with the underground communist movement, joining the PCA in The Times London Wednesday, Nov 18, ; pg.

In his triumph over his torturers, Alleg proves that will is the stronger of the two. The various introductions to this edition spend quite a bit of time tying the book into the questions about torture that ehnri War on Terror has raised yet leave out the torture that had been used by several countries already.

See and discover other items: The complete review ‘s Review:. Dec 26, Z Wang rated it liked it. It is sometimes said that it is right to torture a man if his confession can save a hundred lives.

Henri Alleg – Telegraph

Jan la question henri alleg, Dillon rated it liked it. The book went on public sale in February One wonders if the introduction was similarly crafted during The Troublesso the in the introduction at times runs to the preachy. Populist Right-wing former Mayor of Toronto whose drunken antics scandalised his fellow citizens.

Books by Henri Alleg. The paratroopers first attempted to intimidate him by bringing in Audin, who had already been tortured the day before. Alleg publicly denied the charges levied against them. But in October questoon escaped from a Breton prison with the aid of the local Communist Party and took refuge in Czechoslovakia, where he remained until the formal conclusion of the Algerian conflict five months la question henri alleg. Based on the author’s real-life torture at the hands zlleg the French “paras,” this book ultimately began the protests against French colonial rule in Algeria during the Algerian War of Independence by revealing the true terror of torture used by qusetion French Army to succeed in the war.

She was not subjected to any use of force, but was considered under arrest for the five days of l questioning. Notable are the forward by Jean-Paul Sartre and the new afterword by the author.

On 12 June Alleg was arrested on suspicion of undermining the power of the state by France’s 10th Paratrooper Division la question henri alleg the home of his friend, mathematics professor Maurice Audinwho was arrested the day before and would later die under questionable circumstances while imprisoned.


All counterinsurgency efforts are confronted with such an endeavor. Thus, when Alleg later is tortured some three floors underground, one of his main persecutors wants him gagged. Sponsored products related to this item La question henri alleg this? Following the example of his Algerian counterparts, he went into hiding in November and was finally captured seven months later by members of the 10th Parachute Division, under the command of the French general Jacques Massu.

The Question

This is a short book that is a first-hand account by a French journalist about his experience being tortured by French soldiers in Algeria. We acknowledge and remind la question henri alleg warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of henrri actual reviews by any other measure. This last experience was the foundation for a particularly searing passage in La Question, as Alleg detailed the la question henri alleg and mental anguish it evoked: A final and personal note: Even with his freedom from the cells of the police station, its quite clear that he has been immensely traumatized by his experiences.

Alleg is very objective by describing the parachutists, his feelings, reactions and personal views without insulting at all. Shows that those of strong will can withstand torture, regardless of the new methods developed.

He points out that rather than wondering if they la question henri alleg talk if their fingernails were pulled out, the question facing the young military allleg became, “If my friends, fellow soldiers, and leaders tear out an enemy’s fingernails, what will I do? The book was instrumental in revealing the extent to which torture was used in Algeria by the French Army; the methods used; how it maintained a low profile in the public opinion; and how torture had slipped from being used on terrorists, under preemptive, ” ticking time bomb scenario ” excuses, to being used freely to terrorise political opponents and the general population.

La question henri alleg Europe, Islam, and the Limits of Tolerance. Sartre also takes note of this.

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