Colours available for Laser Blade High Contrast. 01 White; 41 White/Gold. Laser Blade L Adjustable lm: – . See more. Wall Washer. Laser Blade. Application imagery for Laser Blade Wall Washer. Product Details. Flush mount.

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An invisible line creates circular luminous magic. With Laser Blade we have gone one step further. There are two versions available with frame or minimal. The optical system incorporated in the Laser Blade range comprises individual mini, faceted reflectors controlling the output from each 2 watt LED.

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I am sure that the Laser Blade range will be a successful addition to the bladd range and will have many applications in retail, display and hospitality lighting projects. This heat sink design is visually appealing and does a reasonable job but I think the total heat sink surface area may need to be larger.

iGuzzini Laser Blade Range – MONDO ARC

Both flanged and trimless ceiling mounts are available. With its ultra-modern LED unit, this wall luminaire emits a warm and clear light to the room. If you are not able to find a certain product in our shop or would like an individual quotation, please send us an enquiry.

This solution is perfect for lighting retail spaces where products and displays are constantly changed.

It is furnished with a dimmer to regulate the light intensity. David Morgan puts it through its paces.

Laser Blade LED Panel Mounted Light

Available product types A. The product with miniaturised optic, providing high visual comfort, uses the lqser principle of pinpoint lamps, generating circular light emission. Laser Blade New products We continually research new solutions, not just technological innovations, but practical solutions that help designers satisfy the requirements of any application context.

Laser Blade has received prestigious international Satisfying any installation requirement.

The overall size of the five LED version was only mm x 44mm x 54mm high. We did a quick thermal test with the review sample mounted into a closed ceiling housing sized according to EN 60 test requirements. The one piece die cast aluminium housing incorporates an elegant heat sink detail design and gives a direct thermal path from the LED pcb to the ceiling recess. Desalto Ply bar stool. A glossy black bezel mounted in front of the reflectors serves to ituzzini a completely dark light effect from normal viewing angles.


TEAM 7 haiku wall panel. We have anticipated requirements and improved the performance of this product that is the only one of its kind on the market.

The particular light distribution of Laser Blade avoids the dot like effects typical of single leds to achieve a single general emission. At the same time the Luminale as an exciting event gives with its several highlights opportunity to discover the city. In order to satisfy the widest range of application requirements, Laser Blade has been designed with both a Tunable White and Monochrome White versions.

The planners at Inbo Architecten devised a design concept in line with the company’s philosophy that encouraged flexible workstation settings. However when the miniature bade and the narrow distribution are appreciated the actual applications in retail and display become apparent. Light First Social innovation through lighting Socially engaged iGuzzini is an international community at the service of architecture and the development of a culture of light for a better society and quality of life.

The technical specifications of the fittings comply with EN The brand is dedicated to creating lighting solutions that bllade shape to buildings and illuminate the city to rediscover the secrets of our history and culture.

Open the catalogue to page 7. Tunable White page 17 Opti Beam micro optics page 19 Empowered colour rendering page For updated data please refer to our on-line catalogue.

It is made of die-cast aluminium that is of a high quality, thus promising durability and great service.

This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes: A constantly evolving collection. The body of the fitting is a long and thin strip of only 4cm wide designed to create sophisticated optically circular light d.


The metal pcb was in direct contact with the die cast heat sink but there was no thermal grease or thermal pad between them in our sample and there was quite a large thermal gradient between the pcb temperature and the heat sink temperature, which indicates that the thermal transfer could be improved. There are two distributions available at the moment — a 50 degree flood and a 30 degree medium beam.

Would you like to make use of this bargain price? The light output from the five LED, 10 watt flood sample with that I was given to review was surprisingly high despite the glare control elements of the design, with a lot of punch and good colour rendering.

It is a centre of excellence for the study of light in all its forms, and it produces lighting systems in collaboration with leading lighting designers, architects, universities and research centres all over the world.

We carry all products by this brand. High Contrast Wide Flood. There are no covers over the individual LEDs, which may lead to dust and dirt forming on the LED lenses over the years thus reducing light output but in the short term this helps to boost light output, figures as no light is lost in transmission through a cover.

The Laser Blade fittings, which have extremely minimal proportions and are ideal for minimalist ceiling applications. There are a series of wave shaped heat sink ribs running along the back of the cast body to maximise the dissipation of heat from the LEDs. Apparently this inspiration came during the development of the Lun Up inground series, designed by Dean Skira, which also uses individual reflectors to control the output from the LEDs.

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