In addition to electric counters, we produce and supply electronic IFSF protocol converters that allow the control of older types of dispensers using control. As a leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions Gesytec provides the means to make most efficient use of the standard IFSF communication protocol LON. The protocol converters (PCD) are designed to connect some types of network specified by International Forecourt Standards Forum (). This is a.

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International Forecourt Standards Forum

The messages are grouped into various “databases” for the logical parts of each device, such as a nozzle at a pump. Training centre We offer comprehensive engineering services: Archived copy as title. Fuel stations We offer a wide range of electronic systems and programmed equipment for petrol stations for customers in the public and non-public sector.

In dispenser controls, forecourt control, back-office integration, retail and payment systems, remote monitoring of installations and supplies LON communication is easily implemented. Safe house A unique system of technologies offering a comprehensive solution for securing property and residents of apartment buildings. Formed in by a group of oil, pump and computer companies including AGIPBPPetrofinaMobil and Texacothe principle of IFSF is to create standards so that devices from different manufacturers can interoperate without having to redevelop interfaces: The PCD is most commonly fitted inside each dispenser, although it is possible for a single converter to convert many devices.

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IFSF electronics for fuel stations – BetaControl

The application protocol is independent of the underlying communications layer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In many deployments, existing site equipment is converted to IFSF operation using a “protocol converter” or PCD, a small computer that accepts IFSF protocol prtoocol communicates to the device using its native, proprietary protocol.

Archived from the original PDF on About us About us Media Download Press releases. At the communication layer, LonWorks has been predominantly deployed because existing cables and cabling topology can be reused. The IFSF protocol has two independent layers; a device application protocol layer and a communications protocol layer.

Where IFSF is not used, a large variety of proprietary protocols are used. IFSF forecourt equipment has seen considerable success in Europe and some growth markets like Russia and Eastern Europebut is prptocol rare elsewhere. Plug-Ininterfaces for Ifsd devices. IoT We have long been addressing the issue of communications, both at the level of proprietary local communications in Safe Houses and M2M communications allowing for monitoring over a thousand lift installations throughout virtually the whole world today.

As a leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions Gesytec provides the means to make most efficient use of the standard IFSF communication protocol LON. PC interface boards for standard PC systems. It has not seen much usage in North America, [2] although several member companies are based there. Components and solutions are available for on site system realization, operation and maintenance as well as for protodol manufacturers LON enabling their products.


International Forecourt Standards Forum – Wikipedia

For example, the Dispenser device has the following states: Views Read Edit View history. So-called multiconverters are available for large petrol stations. In recent years additional standards have been added for Electronic Funds Transfer.

Supported communication protocols of the dispensers: Lifts We specialize in the supply of new lifts and reconstruction of old lifts with the use of electronics developed in our own laboratories. Easylon products in the forecourt environment As a leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions Gesytec provides the means to make most efficient use of ifxf standard IFSF communication protocol LON.

Eliminates the need to implement expensive systems for technology control site controllerifsd malfunctions of which usually cause the operation of the entire petrol station to be suspended parallel operation of POS systems ensures that only the defective device is stopped in the event of malfunctionreduces the costs of service.

Easylon Analyzer Get thorough insights on network and node.

Engineering We offer a complex engineering services: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. IFSF standardization of technological equipment allows the petrol station operator to change the technology supplier at any time, optimizes the costs of operation.

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