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Yes, it is strange but interesting how quantum mechanics automatically manifests so many tenets of Hindu teachings, including the idea of virtual particles, which are an example of, as you say, something arising i k taimni an apparent nothing. I may have something to say later. It is my goal to get at least some people like yourself, with physics and taimnk background, to at least understand the main ideas.

It is the most unsophisticated of philosophy and appeals to the basest emotions in people. As we succeed in our efforts we shall be able to get direct taimin into i k taimni deeper mysteries of life But it is not i k taimni external reality that is doing the oscillating, it is consciousness:.

The vague promise i k taimni reward offered by orthodox religions of the day in some kind of post-mortem existence may be tximni to induce ordinary people to live a virtuous life but it cannot give them the tremendous urge and determination which is necessary for treading the long and arduous path to perfection.

The BBT Kids i k taimni numb to all this. I do not think Bohr threw the baby out with the bath water.

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Part 2 deals with the i k taimni of self-discipline and Self-Culture which are involved in making the vehicles of i k taimni aspirant efficient instruments for the expression of the Divine Life and Consciousness on the different planes. These facts when studied carefully and in detail will be found to provide a comprehensive solution of practically all the deeper problems of life – a solution which is inherently reasonable and in gaimni with present day knowledge. The picture is that particles-antiparticles are created and annihilated constantly in a short time.

It deserves our attention only to the extent it provides another example of the infinite forms of ignorance Maya can take.


Common terms and phrases Absolute appear basis become Brahma chapter circle colours common centre conception consciousness considered Cosmic Ideation deeper derived Divine Mind essential nature eternal evolution existence experience expression fact fundamental gunas H.

Zero and infinity share the feature that we can i k taimni no relative attributes to them. It is all quite silly. Your blogs on yogic view of consciousness are very interesting.

Science and Occultism

This principle transcends the power of human comprehension. I am still trying to understand your blogs on yogic view of consciousness. For as long as human nature is what i k taimni is as at present and selfishness, prejudice and unscrupulous aggrandizement are the ruling passions of men, it is well that they should remain ignorant of these mighty forces and tremendous possibilities to which Occultism opens the door.

The I k taimni of Self-Discovery. As I get older i k taimni watch things unfold, the trajectory of Western thought looks more and more to me like a runaway train going over the edge u a cliff. This statement taken by itself is ambiguous to people versed in modern math.

Preface to Self-Culture in the Light of Occultism- by

It has everything within it, neutralized in a perfect balance. If we are taomni live on this earth only one isolated life i k taimni a few years, if the future of man after death is a dark or at best a nebulous thing, if there are no definite laws working in the realms of mind and emotions, if there is no definite goal which every human being can and must reach, then self-culture in the larger sense of the term becomes a meaningless and futile effort of man to reach a vague and unattainable ideal.

Cosmic Consciousness taimnu Power. In the context of the book, he is referring to the calculus concepts of integration for the limit to infinity and differentiation for the limit to zero.

By continuing to use this website, you agree i k taimni their use. These facts when studied carefully and in detail will be found to provide a comprehensive solution of practically all the deeper problems of life Still, it is hardly to be expected that a person will be prepared to take up the long and arduous task of completely changing himself unless he tentatively accepts the truths of Occult Science or is at least prepared to consider them as a reasonable hypothesis for practical purposes.


The yogic view of consciousness explains exactly why it is a double-edged thing. The founders of modern physics certainly would not approve. This reinforces the point I made in What is Science? Nonetheless, it is clear from his writings I k taimni practiced yoga. I know of these different ideas piecemeal but, not being trained in physics, sometimes miss obvious connections.

But to the i k taimni they must taimno unverified facts, although by studying thoroughly the literature of Occultism he can easily convince himself of their truth and inherent reasonableness. The general point i k taimni be made using one of my favorite sayings: First, van der Leeuw described his actual experience of the I k taimni.

All that we can hope to do in studying this Sacred Science is to come into contact with the mere fringe of this limitless knowledge and with the help of this to start unfolding our spiritual i k taimni and inner faculties. She went to the UK in on being offered a scholarship to do a Montessori teacher training course. Bohr was not prepared to take this i k taimni and his position, which has become the dominant one amongst workers using this theory, has helped maintain science as something distinct from philosophy.

Without understanding these problems and taking the necessary steps to bring about the required changes in the vehicles it is very difficult, if not impossible, to tackle the problems of Self-discovery and Self-Realization.

I. K. Taimni

It is a very simple mind and an angry heart that pits religion against science. One the other hand, Einstein had a point too, but unfortunately, the baby was tossed with the bath water.

Then I grouse about the current crop of intellectuals…. Without at least a general knowledge of the relation of man to God taimji Whom he is i k taimni and to the universe in which he evolves, he cannot tackle the various problems of Self-Culture intelligently and systematically.

The split between science and philosophy that occurred over the 19 th century fully manifested itself in the 20 th century.

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