What is a grimoire? The word has a familiar ring to many people, particularly as a consequence of such popular television dramas as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But the grimoire represents much more than just magic. As this book richly demonstrates, the history of grimoires illuminates many of the most. Review: Grimoires: A History of Magic Books by Owen DaviesJad Adams finds a mixture of the sacred and profane in books of spells.

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The Hebrew cabbalistic tradition and pagan hermeticism as well as alchemy and possibly the tarot – alongside attempts to come to terms with the demonic lore of the religions of the book – were all sincere paths for the exploration of consciousness and alternative realities.

This is, again, probably down to levels of literacy at the height of the witchcraft trials. Baily, Iowa State University “Davies’ book is mavic a remarkable accumulation of exotic data Perhaps this may be one clue to the determination of the authorities to suppress the grimoire – in its cack-handed way, the grimoire says that no intermediation is required between the punter and histofy book.

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Grimoires: A History of Magic Books – Owen Davies – Google Books

One of these items ships sooner than the other. A Bokos of Witchcraft: Gifting of the Kindle edition at the Kindle MatchBook price is not available. He was in a very long line of ‘magical practitioners’ who wanted a fast track to wealth – or to sexual pleasure or even just good health and a bit of happiness in a grim world. Oxford University Press; 1 edition December 1, Language: It must become the classic work on the subject.


It brought up a few questions I would like to further investigate. One example comes from colonised peoples, who believed the Bible was the occult source of the power of the whites.

Magic moments

The pages on either side of the section frimoires plates buckle. Well, considering Solomon was a magician I guess we all should have known. AS a result books themselves regardless of subject matter were considered magical. Owen Davies knows his stuff. However, there seems to have been a desire to prove theories rather than develop theories from the facts, resulting in some odd choices.

Grimoires: A History of Magic Books

I like what I’m reading. Having just received the book today, I’m only a bit into the first chapter. However, some may be disappointed by the low degree of coverage of certain texts.

At their most benign, these grikoires of forbidden knowledge revealed bokos to make powerful talismans and protective amulets, and provided charms and conjurations for healing illness, finding love, and warding off evil. In the US, the birthplace of advanced capitalism, one grimoire even founded a religion. They are printed on the proper glossy paper and are thus legible. Thieves of Book Row McDade.

Appreciated the large portions focusing on their influence on African-American and Latino folk magic traditions. Books themselves were considered holy and special people called scribes wrote books in general. This book will do wonders to educate.

It degraded these texts into non-communal individualistic tools of power – personal weapons in life’s struggle for oneself and against others.

Anyone who argues differently is grossly misinformed. As this book richly demonstrates, the history of grimoires illuminates many of the most important developments in European history over the last two thousand years.

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Grimoires: A History of Magic Books: Owen Davies: : Books

When a French government official defiantly laid his hand on a book, whose mere touch was supposed to conjure the devil, the non-appearance of Lucifer was considered evidence of the official’s skill as a booos magician. A History of Magic Books.

Pf we see magic re-emerging today albeit mostly in the spiritual and social sphereit is because we need it again. Some would call this embellishment but if it is all about spirituality where truth is paramount I would call it flat out lies.

What people did with grimoires is well covered. I also found it interesting to read about my ancestral lands involvement in the history of Grimores and other historical magickal writings. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Such beliefs in extra-biblical magic are part of a dwvies stretching back at least to the fourth century. Before only monasteries and popes and university libraries had grimoiis bu now eevery one had them. With no assistance from Lovecraft, versions of the work with bogus genealogies linking it to Mesopotamian sources then appeared. Put simply, grimoires are books of spells that were first recorded in the Ancient Middle East and grimoiires have developed and spread across much of the Western Hemisphere and beyond over the ensuing millennia.

Scribes were a class unto themselves.

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