Page 1 of 2 – Goff Klan Roster – posted in GORKAMORKA: Hey! I’m back to hobby so I’m going to make some conversions to my new warband. The Caslon font is used for the Warhammer and Mordheim rosters; Caslon Antique – Caslon A roster for Gorkamorka (Zip – Kb) (Requires the Civic font ). Downloads and resources for Games Workshop’s main games – Warhammer and Warhammer – including the Rollcall army building app and ADF files.

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Does having two six-shootas cancel out the reloading requirement, as it does in Mordheim? Doster eat anything they can chew and headbutt everything else. I’m going to make some conversions to my new warband for GM.

Roster creation software? | Gorkamorka | BoardGameGeek

Wild Boyz These boyz are generally bigger than the average Ork Boy and are often around the size of a new Nob. Q It says an Ork can pick up a gauss flayer from foster dismembered Necron.

If the result is a 1 or a 2, one of the Shiny Bitz has been nicked as a trophy.

Call it version 1. Grown in the higher mountains of Angelis, these massive squigs have been domesticated by some of the more ambitious Feral Orks to help deal with the concept of how to carry as much yummies as possible back to the camp.

The weapon cannot be used for the rest of the battle and the Gunner receives a S2 hit. Trukk is going to be big. We also want to make sure you guys understand that this first release is the basic pack, hopefully attainable by all mobs, not just Orks.

Yea I know about big gunz, but this is like Ork mini with big gun mounted to the base, so You can swap gunz between vehicles not in mid-camp but on the startand you can turn your gunz too, rather than running with them. If the Brute is Down or Out of Action then a Wildboy can take the test, and lastly a Weirdboy if there is no one else Fickies can never test.


The Squiggoth slowly lumbers around before tiring, collapsing in a messy heap. These stats may well change in future, playtesting is scheduled to begin soon, depending on other commitments.

Thicker than a space hulk hull and about as quick as frozen molasses, these guys make roxter the bulk of any Feral Ork mob. Firewater is both a strong liquor and an excellent weapon. We could of course just create whatever shape of buildings we felt like but that could lead to some fairly unbalanced games. Essentially a small boulder on the end of a handle of some sort, a Big Hamma is incredibly clumsy, but terrifyingly dangerous too. It usually takes an Ork at least one hand to keep his Boar going in vaguely the right direction, so Gunz may not be used from a Boar, except by Herderz.

If the enemy wins combat against a fist, it simply dissipates back into the Waaagh!!! Rules See page 59 of Da Roolz for the statline.

GorkaMorka Roster Sheets – svenbloodhowl

Snortas can charge and gallop in exactly the same way as muties, but since Boarz are considerably less co-operative than Mutie Beasts, Snortas cannot usually fire on the gallop, or set Overwatch. Dust Rats, like Diggas and Rebel Grots, are vulnerable to pinning when shot vorkamorka.

The driver has to whip it to get it to go anywhere. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Get hand-to-handing if you want rare and meaty gunz! Higher technology such as las-based weaponry can only be used by suitably seasoned warriors, partly to limit the strength of the high ballistic skill of the faction.

Fickies may hurl rocks at a target instead of firing a weapon, inflicting a S2 hit. The gate is within range and so is hit. The chart below details which skill tables different Feral Orks may normally roll goramorka should they get a Know-wots result on the advance table. When they attack a vehicle they test initiative as normal, but do not board the vehicle.

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The events of the battle are making the Squiggoth as stubborn as it is bad tempered. A particularly large chunk of debris, tossed into the Howling Hills, stuck on the tree-trunk like branches gorksmorka the mushrooms that grow in the Howling Hills and given to the most focussed gorkajorka Wildboy is a recipe for carnage at the best of times.

For example you could put a big gun on front wall of yer fort! Shooting at a Squig Rider follows the same procedure as normal. The big question now is. The crew member struggles to remain standing and must roll under his strength on a D6 to remain on the Squiggoth. While the end result is far from what any animal trainer would call tame, the beast will at least tolerate being ridden long enough to occasionally be an asset in combat. These are labelled below: Step forward and be anointed….

Goff Klan Roster

In terms of mechanics the town opens up a host of new possibilities for how to handle movement and other special actions. Given the number of legs a squig can have, several bolas might be needed to bring a big one down. If you missed the last one it was rules gorkakorka Rokkit Paks.

However, between the Brutes roaring and the Weirdboyz throbbing head veins, these slabs of muscle can be put to devastating use. Squiggoths are snarling behemoths and their simple brute and ferocious nature is testament to that. Gets Bitten Wild Squigz bite everything in sight, including other Squigz!.

This scenario is based on part of Mad Max 2: Extras Basic Dust Rat Tagz. Gubbinz — 8 If gorkamlrka Squiggoth has any Gubbins then randomise which is hit. The Klan system had originally been introduced in Waaagh!

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