Gideon: The Nightwalkers [Jacquelyn Frank] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. They’re called the Nightwalkers–proud, ancient beings who. As a healer, he knows her body. But it’s her heart he wants. For a thousand years, Gideon has healed his people. And as the oldest surviving male of his race. The Nightwalkers book series by multiple authors includes books Jacob, Gideon, Elijah, and several more. See the complete Nightwalkers series book list in.

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And not even creatively. Magdalegna is the Demon King’s baby sister. These books are meant to be read in order, and it was disappointing that the author didn’t treated it as such.

I nigntwalkers very interested in finding out what was up with Magdalegna and Gideon, since he is one of the most powerful Demons, a healer like no other and having lived over a millennium.

He naturally wants to protect you. In fact I will continue on in the series specifically because I love the storyline and the world Jacqueline Frank built. Not sure about the next book. But I really did not like this one. The relationship that Noah had with his sisters was a little disturbing.

He was a cold jerk. The dialogue felt so forced an I did gidron the first in this series Jacoband felt it was a decent start to a new series.

Why is she letting him know she desires him? My god, this is so annoying. Apr 06, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it liked it.

Trivia About Gideon Nightwalk Some of the most unnecessary hang ups ever. But that lasted about a second. Christian Grey rated it really liked it Shelves: Sorry folks, I can’t stand the woman. He was boring and tired and felt “old” to me.


She speaks like someone straight from the s, and wears dressed to go giideon it. I mean, the guy gave Legna an orgasm without even freaking touching her. Frank spends those pages endearing the characters to you – you get to know them inside and out and see them interact with all sorts of situations. This book also introduces vampires and lyncanthropes weres to the reader.

Nightwalkers Series

When Legna quit being a baby there was some really beautiful parts to her and Gideon’s relationship. Gideon calls her little girl and insolent girl during the argument and grips her throat so hard it leaves marks, yet Legna is caressing him the entire time.

Many fans of this genre complain that it takes pages before this book has it’s first sex scene, but I didn’t mind. I’ll read nightwal,ers next book in nughtwalkers series hopefully in August.

For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at: Why would you say that to your sister? If I was one of the bad guys I’d just step aside for a nigthwalkers while she had her goddamn wedding just so she could shut up about it!

Download Gideon (Nightwalkers Series #2) ebook PDF – video dailymotion

Good job Gideon and Legna! She was center, focus, and everything moral that would guide his actions. A shame considering Ms.

I loved her heart and soul that she showed in Jacob, but unfortunately it didn’t continue in this one. The repetitions remain, alas. I cannot wait till Nightwaljers can read the next book, Elijah, about the Warrior captain and Mightwalkers, Queen of the Lycanthropes, plus the others in the series.

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Jacob set up Gideon and Legna’s story beautifully and then just “mailed it in”. Brave, sweet, caring, sassy with a little bit of shy. Another similarity between these two series Carpathians vs. Ok so this book was not as good as Jacob’s book, but it was still a good read. I love that she’s friends with Legna and Gideon and helped them. There were, however, a few pacing and plotting issues that caused a stumbling block to my enjoyment. He came her sense of authority and righteousness, the part of her that was battle scarred and warrior skilled.

You are my heart, my breath, my every thought and every aspiration. For a thousand years, Gideon has healed his people. Magdelegna demonGideon demon.

The Nightwalkers Author s: Wow, just turn into a complete baby the minute you get together. Bella and Jacob feature pr After a slow, rocky start the first chaptersthis second book in the Nightwalkers series really takes off and doesn’t slow down for breath.

Or, should I say, who the main characters are supposed to be. Pretty much nothing happened for the first half of the book. Feb 23, Shannon Giraffe Days gireon it really liked it Shelves: You joke about it, but ther are reasons why you are not interested in finding a companion of your own.

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