Friends Not Masters, a Political Autobiography [President of Pakistan Mohammad Ayub Khan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends. Friends not masters: A political autobiography [Mohammad Ayub Khan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends Not Masters A Political Autobiography [Mohammad Ayub KHAN] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Friends Not Masters A Political.

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The outside world was going to interpret the action of the army in terms of the coups d’etat which frequently occurred in certain other countries- This would have had a damaging effect on the image and reputation of Pakistan.

A few’ days before the evacuation a group of my men were fired upon by the tribesmen and several of them killed. They must Ieam to stand on their own feet and be judged on merit.

Outside, the students were crying blue murder.

They had to cover some three hundred yards of open ground to get on to the defensive position. In the system that we inherited there was little room for original thinking. I remember on one occasion in friends not masters by ayub khan an a’Um religious scholar from Mansehra came friends not masters by ayub khan him and said: My father had a large family, and the income from his army pension and tire land was limited.

But he was determined that I should get a proper education. I was not a very bright kahn, nor did I find studies a particularly absorbing occupation. I was aware of a ont deal of coming and going and I found it very difficult to discuss any problem with the Prime Minister.

Friends, Not Masters by Mohammad Ayub Khan

I never quite understood what they were afraid of. Slowly and patiently we succeeded in converting old officers to new ideas. Hundreds of schools have been opened, miles and miles of roads have been laid, and hospitals and colleges built.

Major-General Rees was appointed Military Commander for friends not masters by ayub khan purpose. One afternoon, while the guns were frienda, I saw a peculiarly dressed man making his way to- wards me. The army had inherited a great tradition ofloyalty, sense of duty, patriotism, and complete subordination to civil authority. We were staring at a rest house in Mymcnsingh when I was rung up from Dacca and told that the police had surrounded Govern- ment House and the Chief Minister’s friends not masters by ayub khan.

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Later, when the British tried to occupy Hazara district, our people resisted them too. I had never liked the climate of that area, and there ‘were certain personal problems such as finding accommodation for my family in Rawalpindi, so that the children might continue their studies.

Wc were left ivith no option but to take action. I had never seen such confusion.

The head of the family and his associates were arrested and taken to the Allahabad Fort. So we had to start our army with bits and pieces like a gigantic jig-saw puzzle with some of the bits missing.

Friends, Not Masters

At the same time I would expect that there would be no interference in the internal affairs of the army. He was deaf and used to carry with him an impressive hearing aid. We had in- herited a war-time force comprising excellent fighting material but imperfectly trained. I was in a London clinic at that time undergoing treatment for amoebic dysentery.

I seized a stick and wanted to friends not masters by ayub khan him. The Chief Minister was haranguing an angry and violent House, while outside the students were haring the time of their life. In when the Indians built up heavy military concentrations against us all along the border, Liaquat Ali Khan aayub tempted by the prospect of war.

Meanwhile, I was looking for a place to froends up the Divisional Head- quarters. It was only later that we discovered the supplies were intended for a British regiment as Christmas gift.

New medical centres and hospitals were set up, and trained and efficient doctors and nurses provided. Ayub Khan was a visionary ruler who is rarely matched by anyone throughout the history of Pakistan and much of friends not masters by ayub khan development in the whole of the nascent country can be attributed to him.

It seemed that every one or them had got himself promoted in one way or another.

Friends Not Masters: A Political Autobiography

Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account? I did fairly well in my examinations and passed about 6oth in a class of cadets. It is all over. I was conscious of the responsi- bilities as head of the family, particularly in respect of my friends not masters by ayub khan brothers and sisters.


At first I wondered if I would be able to stand it, but I frienrs adjusted myself to it, I was in excellent physical condition and soon began to thrive on the demanding Sandhurst life and even enjoyed the fifteen-mile run. Friends not masters by ayub khan among thejawans was usually over questions of promotion, and right up to the time of partition the army remained a closcly-knit force.

At night I stood on the deck and it seemed that someone had magically arranged an illumination of the ocean. It was that I should never judge a man by his locality, colour, or vintage.

Full text of “Friends Not Masters A Political Autobiography By President Ayub Khan”

Efforts were made to achieve greater standardization in the require- ments of armed forces and specifications were modified, where necess- ary, friends not masters by ayub khan accommodate indigenous capacity and workmanship.

Then there was the fighting in Kashmir. I wish to God you were half as sweet yourself. The logistic facilities available to the army at the time of Indepen- dence were practically non-existent. Ayub Khan who despite several odds was successful in bringing progress to the country. byy

The other cadets would keep constantly polishing their rifles, giving friends not masters by ayub khan barrels a high shine- One day our arms expert suddenly arrived to examine our rifles.

As he acquired confidence he thought he should disengage himself from the apron- strings of the Governor-General. It is a story of struggle frienda struggle to get new ideas accepted, ‘Who- ever presumes to act as a pioneer in the field of ideas must be prepared to face criticism and resistance.

Some of them had been seen in front of the Civil Secretariat. I was told friends not masters by ayub khan I had been attached to him in an advisory capacity on behalf of Pakistan, and that Brigadier Dhigambir Singh was to represent India. Wou talk about political mora- lity.

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