FIDE appeals to all chess players and federations to accept this view. A member a. do not conflict in any way with the official FIDE Laws of Chess, and. The English text is the authentic version of the Laws of Chess, which was adopted at the 79th FIDE Congress at Dresden (Germany), November , coming. Die Züge-Regel beim Schach besagt, dass eine Partie als remis ( unentschieden) zu werten Nach den Schachregeln der FIDE kann dies nur der Spieler, der am Zug ist. Dies ist einer der Gründe für die Notationspflicht bei Turnierpartien.

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FIDE Golden Book 1924 – 2016

Then the game shall continue. People other than arbiters or players viewing the games. The role of the Arbiter see Preface If the pieces are on different ranks and files, method 1 schachregelh preferred.

When capitalised, this also refers to the player of the black pieces. If the visually disabled player does not make use of an schacchregeln, the sighted player may make use of one who shall carry out the duties mentioned in points 9.

Der Schiedsrichter ist des Weiteren befugt, die Uhr zu stoppen, wenn die Partie unterbrochen werden soll. In the English language it is the first letter, a capital letter, of its name. A player must press his clock with the same hand with which he made his move.

If the claim was based on an intended move, this move must be made in accordance with Articles 3 and 4. One of the 32 figurines on the board.

If it is fude that a player brought such a device into the playing venue, he shall lose the game. If the player, having the move, has less than two minutes left on his clock, he may claim a draw before his flag falls.

Laws of Chess: For competitions starting from 1 July 2014 till 30 June 2017

Screens, monitors, or demonstration schachregelj showing the current position on the chessboard, the moves and the number of moves made, and clocks schachdegeln also show the number of moves, are allowed in the playing hall. In some starting positions, the king or rook but not both does not move during castling.


A piece is considered to attack a square even if this piece is constrained from moving to that square because it would shcachregeln leave or place the king of its own colour under attack. FIDE recognizes for its own tournaments and matches only one system of notation, the Algebraic System, and recommends the use of this uniform chess notation also for chess literature and periodicals.

If the rules of a competition specify a different default time, the following shall apply. The game shall then continue from this reinstated position. Basic Rules of Play and 2. He may claim on the basis:. The 8×8 grid as in 2.

Where one or more players make moves on a board to try to determine what is the best continuation. All remaining white pieces are placed randomly on the first rank, but with the following restrictions: Produkt im bisherigen Shop.

If two identical pieces can move to the same square, the piece that is moved is indicated as follows: The vertical half of the board on which the king stands at the start of the game. He shall use his best judgement when determining the schaxhregeln settings.

The eight ranks from bottom to top for Schachreveln and from top to bottom for Black are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, respectively. The player shall lose the game if he arrives at the chessboard more than one hour late for the resumption of an adjourned game unless the rules of the competition specify or the arbiter decides otherwise.

Each piece is indicated by the first letter, a capital letter, of its name. It was held at the Linares de Envigado House Loma del Chochofrom November 16 to 25, with the participation of 32 athletes from the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, If a player has less than five minutes left on his clock at some stage in a period and does not have additional time of 30 seconds or more fidde with each move, then for the remainder of the period he is not obliged to meet the requirements of Article 8.


A player must always be allowed to stop hisclock. All remaining white pieces are placed randomly on the first rank, but with the following restrictions:.

Schachturnier – Wikipedia

The visually disabled player must keep score of the game in Braille or longhand, or record the moves on a recording device. Schachregelb shall summon the arbiter and may stop the chessclock see Article 6. If the player touches a piece as in Article 4. The only binding schachreyeln was that it was a gentleman’s sport which the players were expected to act with decorum and itspractitioners enjoyed the enduring beauty of the game.

A straight line of squares of the same colour, running from one edge of the board to an adjacent edge. In 2 the player schachrsgeln write down the final position and submit an up-to-date scoresheet. When a pawn reaches the rank furthest from its starting position it must be exchanged as part of the same move on the same square for a new queen, rook, bishop or knight of the same colour. To claim a win on time, the claimant must stop both clocks and notify the arbiter.

The visually handicapped player shall have the right to make use of an assistant fode shall have any or all of the following duties:.

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