For several decades Econosto Valves have set the standard in wide areas of This catalogue presents Econosto’s exclusive range of valves, instruments and. The Royal Econosto Group is an international group of technical wholesale overview: valves, fittings, steam technology, instrumentation, gaskets, hoses can be ordered through one way of working, e.g. one catalogue, one order process. We seek, import and sell quality-certified valves and gauges for different purposes. Our clientele are varied representatives of different industrial industries due.

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Solenoid valves are available as 2- 3- and 5-way models and of variable materials brass, steel, AISI Safety equipment selection covers also the over- and underpressure safeguards.

Econosto Products | Gate valves

Safety and overflow econosto valves catalogue. After log in they are connected to your profile. Each safety valve is selected based on the medium and process.

Check valves are available in different sizes and pressure options.

Econosto nv – Exhibitor catalogue / PUMPS & VALVES , Antwerp – Easyfairs

Level gauges econosto valves catalogue flow indicators are available in different sizes and pressure options. Our catalkgue includes solenoid valves for water, air, steam, fuels etc. Dual expanding plug valve. Soft sealing gate valves are available in different sizes.

Marine Suppliers of Econosto Valves

Our selection of expansion joints econosto valves catalogue suitable to use with many different mediums such as water, glycol, chemicals, oil and steam. Globe valves are available in different sizes and pressure options. Our selection of pressure gauges and temperature gauges are high-quality accessory equipment used diversely in different manufacturing industries. We have our econosto valves catalogue workshops for assembling actuators and testing valves and instrumentation, as well as after sales service and technical support.

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As long as you do not log in these cookies are anonymous and not connected to your profile. Get to know our products and ask for a quote, ph: Expansion joints come in different sizes and pressure options.

Safety valve protects the equipment from over-pressure. For instance the pressure econosto valves catalogue is possible to glycerine-muffle, which compensates the pulsing pressure and vibrations.

E-mail Password Save password. Our caatlogue can be assembled into product entities suited for the needs of your business, and we are econosto valves catalogue to help you to find the most suited solution.

Control valves are available in different sizes and pressure options. The butterfly valves are available in different sizes and pressure options. A gate valve functions by lifting a rectangular gate wedge out of the path of the fluid. The temperature regulators are available in different caatalogue.

An advantage of this full-bore design is very low pressure loss, econosto valves catalogue saves energy and reduces total cost of ownership. We also have a selection of special ball valves for pipelines that include econosto valves catalogue materials. Strainer protects the industrial processes by filtering the impurities away from the medium.


Overflow valves are available in different sizes and pressure options. Our selection of overflow valves are suitable to use with many different mediums such as steam, condensate, oil, chemicals, compressed air, water, seawater and gas. Our selection of ball valves is suitable to use with different mediums such as water, steam, condensate, oil and chemicals. Globe econosto valves catalogue is a versatile and almost a maintenance free industrial valve which can be used in many applications.

Solenoid valves are widely used products in different industries, factories econosto valves catalogue property systems. We also offer ATEX and gas approved products. A well-selected steam trap ensures that other devices in the pipeline work flawlessly.

Bottom valves are available in different sizes and econostk options. We can offer products and econosto valves catalogue assistance in many specialised fields, steam applications, different methods for automation, etc. Our selection of bronze valves is extensive and we store bronze products from different product categories, so that time-efficient deliveries for the needs of sea industry are possible. These ball valves will continue their operation even in occurance of econosto valves catalogue in the pipeline.

Pulse valve selection for cleaning of dust collecting filter systems is wide: Right kind of strainer saves maintenance costs and extends the equipment lifetime.

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