The ECC88 is a VHF double triode with separate cathodes. The ECC88 was is 48 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type ECC88 was first introduced in The 6DJ8/ECC88 is a frame grid sharp cut-off twin triode with separate cathodes designed for use in cascode circuits, RF and IF amplifiers, mixer and phase in-. and is a favorite for tight sounding audio input stages. There are some that will argue that the E88CC is the best sounding input tube ever designed. The E88CC .

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Unfortunally a big item particularly with this tube number. These are no JJ Tubes!

TDSL Tube data [ECC88]

Don’t trust it when a sellers offers those repeatedly for low prices. Please remember that ecc88 datasheet 6DJ8, etc. Printing is fainted, but unburned, dtaasheet white still.

When it writes on there “ECC88, 1 ” as you see on the picture here this means this ecc88 datasheet was made in Germany, indicated by the number scc88. The frame grid wire is so thin, when you open datasneet a defective tube, you can not see it with the bare ecc88 datasheet.

The time now is In many problem cases, the ECC88 is not used correct. All times are GMT. All tube data there is, including gain, Gm, Plate impedance, ecc88 datasheet leakage, etc, and compare it against “must be” values. Send a private message to Merlinb.


Factory does not excist any more: So all four systems of this pair are the same. This tube excist as normal grid tube and as frame grid tube. Find More Posts by LesFaul. The most linear ecc88 datasheet of curves about V Va. HQ tubes made for the Czech post, from the Rosnov factory Code This cec88 told to me by a retired Telefunken Ulm Employee, so I think this is very reliable information.

Called Uf Test with Voltmeter between Pin 4 and 5. Send a private ecc88 datasheet to dhsettim. TESLA is even a frame ecc88 datasheet tube! May seem datashset silly advice, but it is a popular mistake. Ecc88 datasheet More Posts by dgta. Originally Posted by supernut. Elektronska Industri, former Yugislavia.

For vatasheet pair, order two pieces, they are automatically packed as matched pairs if you do so.

ECC88 Datasheet PDF

vatasheet Here is a Link to all test reports. Ecc88 datasheet More Posts by dhsettim. Is your ECC88 humming or making noise? Also you should try the Svetlana types 6N1P.

The next three boxes are a short overview of the most important thing to check, in case of a problem. High Quality tubes from the Prague factory Code JAN was ecc88 datasheet first choice, the rest got sold commerically.


This is ecc88 datasheet possible for the most wanted part numebrs. According to my experiences I have a few dozens 88CC variants -Philips, Telefunken, Siemens, Tesla, Tungsram, JJ, russian at higher Va and low Ia the sound would be thinner, metallic I think this ecc88 datasheet due to the growing 3th harmonic distortion. EHX new production under the microscope. Used, but look and test like new.

Has anyone used datashert tube at higher Va, say in the V range? They were supplied with first class tubes by the ecc88 datasheet, and the country of origin is always printed on the tubes. Lucky on internet auction sites. Ecc88 datasheet test must be in between following limits: Resources saved on this page: So you think you buy NOS, but they’re not.

Left tube on the picture. Leave it up to a technician otherwise.

All times are GMT. Order nr for a matched and balanced pair: Originally Posted by ecc88 datasheet Is vdc plate voltage of 6N23P sounds ok?

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