Was thinking about how I would like to play a Dragonlance game but I then opened my friends War of the Lance book and saw that it was. Derek wants to fight the elves, but Sturm refuses as he believes doing so will start a war between the Knights and the Elves that. Rules required: Version Dungeons & Dragons Player’s War of the Lance is a page hardcover book designed to be.

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The temple, no longer supported by her evil, begins to crumble. Thus, during this game the “Sorcerer” class is just another type of Wizard and the Mystic class presented in the DLCS is just another type of Cleric, and also requires a patron god. Soon we will be starting a DragonLance campaign, and we have settled on the post War of Lance, around a year after the official end of the war.

The dragon orb also affects the draconians in the army, and the Blue Dragonarmy splits apart. I dragonnlance noticed anything specifically 3. The Dragonarmy attacks the tower the next day.

DragonLance: War of the Lance for 3.5e

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: In this weakened, highly suggestible condition, and with her already believing Tanis is with Kitiara, hearing that Tanis is dying causes Laurana to begin to act irrationally. Dragonlance has setting books for both 3. In the war council chamber the Dragonarmies have assembled and tensions are mounting between Kitiara and Ariakas.

Silvara then leads rhe group to Silver Drragonlance Mountainwhere it is revealed that Fizban is still alive, and that Silvara wsr a silver dragon, sister to Gwyneth, the dragon Huma Dragonbane rode during the last Dragon War. The project was then developed, under the code name “Project Overlord” to plan the series.

This website is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Publishing. Invisible, he watches as Flint passes away, easing his pain though he had vowed not to get involved with the Companions.

dragonlance – Materials for a post War of the Lance campaign – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

CS1 German-language sources de Wikipedia articles needing rewrite from May All articles needing rewrite All articles that may contain original research Articles that may contain thf research from February Lancee articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Berem comes back to life and soon all of them see Fizban pick up Flint’s body and walk onto the object, where both of them disappear.


In I think that was the yearWeiss managed to get hold of the property license for Dragonlance again and re-inaugurated it for 3rd edition. Kitiara then instructs him to lay his sword at Ariakas’ dragonlanxe as a symbol of his joining the Dragonarmy. Unknown to the good dragons, Takhisis commands her clerics and wizards to corrupt the eggs, thus breeding a new race, the draconians.

Upon learning about the eggs, the good dragons end The Oath and join the war. However, the Dwarven nation of Kayolin stood firm against the invaders and slowly the weakened Knights of Solamnia began to organize a defense. Berem dies, freeing both his sister’s and his own soul. You draglnlance have the site cookie set. Evil looks out for number one while crushing number two. Laurana, once freed, attacks Kitiara, stealing her sword away from her and knocking lahce Highlord to the ground.

The party rejoins up for the finale.

Takhisis then praises Kitiara for having captured Laurana and tells her to bring the elfwoman before the Dragojlance to be judged. Yes, there are 3 War of the Lance campaign books.

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Pre Age of mortals – Same rules as exist in the Dragonlance Adventures book These are written circa 1ed-2ed.

Why am I not running it for 5e: Is there something more specific you are looking for? Fizban reveals he is in fact Paladine, and that the gods never left Krynn, but instead it was the people who abandoned teh gods. Takhisis is well pleased and agrees to Kitiara’s requests that Tanis be allowed to join the Fhe and that Laurana will be sacrificed so that her soul can be given to Lord Soth.

Your second character either joins the group in the 1st part, or appears in Tarsis at the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd parts. The other Companions are separated with Caramon following Berem while Tika and Tasslehoff stay behind to try and draw off Dragonarmy pursuers from Caramon and Berem. Laurana then drives Sleet off by shooting her in the wing. I’ve lost track of what came afterward. I’ve never run it for 3. The Dragonarmies pulled lsnce of their troops out of the wasteland that Silvanesti had become.


The War of the Lance. There og much rejoicing, even though some of us cared little for the changes made to the setting thanks to the 5th Age cataclysm and the new rules that needed to be fit in. Last edited by Ozreth; at As a Game Master, I hate preparing spells.

He failed, and Silvanesti was destroyed by its magic, becoming a twisted nightmare. Or sign up with email.

War of the Lance

The Dragonlance game project began with Tracy and Laura Hickmanand the idea of a world dominated by dragons. In Silvanostthe Companions battle the twisted world of Silvanesti and see future visions in the form of a dream. Scott The New World, Part 9: Not terribly long after, the Dragonlance Adventures hardback setting book was released and was the first time the setting material was codified in its own text absent the module info.

The two women recognize each other and exchange words, with Kitiara taunting Laurana that Tanis is now with her. There’s not a ton of DL material out there, I think due to licensing issues. Can’t recall his name yet. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Bards produce effects through their music a god-granted power, but they don’t know that yet.

They then find the Perechon, whose helmsman is Berem, the Everman. Others can be broken.

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