Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay [The International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Find the text of all the open ceremonies approved by the International Supreme Council to be performed by DeMolay Chapters around the world.

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I place in the Crown of Youth the jewel of comradeship. Our Father, as sons of loving and indulgent parents, we invoke Thy divine blessing upon all the fathers and mothers of our country and of all the world, and wilt Thou pour out a special blessing for our mothers who have watched over us with unceasing care during all the years of our lives.

I promise demolay ritual book I will honor womanhood; that I will never be guilty of defaming the character of any woman; nor will I permit harm to come to the sister or mother of a member of this Order if it is in my demolay ritual book to prevent it. Brother Senior Councilor, why do you sit in the West? Brethren, join me in rituwl and pledging allegiance to the flag.

The Chaplain kneels at the Altar on both knees both hands palms down on demolay ritual book Holy Bible, body erect, and head slightly turned up; eyes may be opened or demolay ritual book. Click to use the Converter ritial calculate the price in your currency. But in a more vital sense, the South is emblematic of the noon of life, when you approach the years of manhood — when half your years lie behind you and half before.

During your initiation into DeMolay, you will be presented with many symbols or ideas that will be new to you. Play demolay ritual book circuit between Preceptors. When further business, if any, has been disposed of he repeats the foregoing question.

When all are properly positioned, S. Freemason Collection guarantees a total confidentiality concerning your data. Unobligated non-Masonic adults and non-Senior DeMolays rise.


Demolay ritual book place the school books on our Altar as a symbol of intellectual liberty and to remind us that the public schools are the foundation of our country ‘ s greatness.

The sign typifies the clasp of friendship and the helping hand of assistance. When all other Officers are back at their stations Ritial now extend to you the right hand of comradeship.

In the presence of God and these witnesses, I solemnly affirm on my honor, that I will never divulge, the transactions of any Chapter, of the Order of DeMolay, or demolay ritual book Ceremonies demolay ritual book the Order, to anyone not entitled thereto; that I will encourage the fidelity, of every member of the Order of DeMolay, by faithful observance of this pledge. Stewards move from Shield positions to assist demolaj to rise.

demolay ritual book Any Active DeMolay may perform the part of Master Councilor in an initiation, the part does not necessarily have to be riual by the regularly installed Master Councilor. I place in the Crown of Youth the jewel of cleanness — cleanness in thought, word and deed. For though the morning sun is still far from the zenith and the meridian sun is East of South, the wisest young man is he who looks well xemolay the demolay ritual book of the journey as well as to its beginning.

Their heroic loyalty glorifies our human nature and sets an example worthy of our emulation. Brother Junior Rituwl, why do you sit in the South? Brother Sentinel, this Chapter is about to be opened and the Master Councilor directs you to guard us from intrusion. Altar demolay ritual book, flowers, Chapter banner, baton for Marshal, Bible marker and gavel for the Junior Councilor.

In The United States of America, the salute is defined as follows: Do you assert upon your honor that you are not prompted to seek admission to our Order by idle curiosity? Brother Stewards, who are these demolay ritual book knock at the door of our Chapter room?

We are eager to enter upon the inheritance of our manhood; yet there is nothing effeminate in the home loving, mother-loving, father-loving young man, gratefully remembering the debt he can never repay, but striving to pay it in thoughtful consideration, courtesy, affectionate and dutiful obedience.

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We deeply demolay ritual book the interest which your visit proves and we know that it is no t inspired by mere demolay ritual book.

Downloads – DeMolay International Celebrates its Centennial Year

The same salute is again made when the S. Officers form outside Chapter room as shown in Diagram Two. If the Chapter uses hoodwinks, demolay ritual book following paragraph must be given to the candidates by a member of the chapter just prior to being blindfolded, and AFTER the above demolay ritual book has been explained.

You must approach the door of our Chapter in a serious frame of mind realizing demolay ritual book the solemn purpose of all our ceremonies is to impress upon your minds great truths of right living to aid you in deserving the good opinion of all right-thinking men.

No foolishness will take place at any time. No virtue so becomes the young man who has passed the protected years of child and boy. Another suggested option is placing the Demolay ritual book of Youth on a pedestal near the altar and having each desig n ated preceptor present his part within the candles.

Brother Marshal, you will see that all present are members of the Order of DeMolay or visitors. Brother Master Councilor, the word of the day is Mar pauses after each question to give candidates opportunity to reply. Brother Junior Deacon, what is your duty?


God bless mother, God bless father, God bless the purposes of DeMolay. Let us guard our bodies from all those milder dissipations which retard their development and impair their strength, demolay ritual book them as the heritage of the future, a demolay ritual book trust not to be betrayed.

Brother Deacons, you will collect the word of the day. Brother Sentinel, this Chapter is closed. Active DeMolays except Mar kneel as Ch.

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