Cornelius Holtorf, Linnaeus University, School of Cultural Sciences, Faculty Member. Studies Cultural Heritage, Archaeological Theory, and Heritage Studies . The latest Tweets from Cornelius Holtorf (@CorneliusKalmar). Going places with archaeology and heritage. Kalmar, Sverige. Cornelius Holtorf. Meta-stories of archaeology. (accepted for publication in World Archaeology Issue 3, ). ABSTRACT. I argue that archaeologists contribute.

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Contemporary Heritage and the Future. Foreword and Appendix to M. Heritage Values in Contemporary Society, edited by G. Nuclear power and beyond.

Dispatches Uncertainty A Contemporary Provocation: Archaeology, communication and society. Illustrated by Quentin Drew. Theme parks and other themed environments commonly evoke stories about the past in order to provide their customers and audiences with enjoyable experiences, often giving the impression that they are immersed in the past.

Cornelius Holtorf

This paper is about how the emphasis of the archaeological open-air museum at Lejre, Denmark, has been shifting from a research institution towards corneius archaeological theme park. Collaborative social archaeology as therapeutic practice: In entries, holgorf second edition provides thorough coverage to historical archaeology, the development of archaeology as a field of study, and the way the discipline works to explain the past.

I also suggest that maybe the most significant effect of the fact that society’s public intellectuals generally do not have degrees in archaeology is that participants in public debates and policy makers are unaware of how various applications of archaeology and cultural heritage can benefit contemporary society. Ntsimane discusses the violence in three villages in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa and the possibilities of reconciliation deriving from perpetrators and victims being able to talk about the past.


For the future safety of humans and TV Archaeology is Valuable Storytelling.

Sculptures in captivity and monkeys on megaliths. World Archaeology 50 4. Themed Environments and Beyond more. We also provide a Venezia, Libreria Editrice Cafoscarina. Heritage Narratives in the Tsunami City. Monumental Past is a living text based on a doctoral dissertation submitted by Cornelius J.

At the same time, archaeologists work to preserve places, environments, and associated values and knowledge for future corneoius.

I conclude by exploring some important trends for cultural heritage and heritage tourism in our age that arise from my study. We think, therefore, that future societies will want, and need, to make their own decisions about sites associated with nuclear waste, based on their own cornflius of past and future. However, far from all would agree that such inclusivity is indeed appropriate or sensible.

Cornelius Holtorf |

Chapter in book Refereed Colomer, L. Heritage and Society 8 2, Freeze-dried remains from Antarctic expeditions.

In zoos, one is reminded of one’s own childhood, outstanding human and animal figures, various human cultures past and present, the genetic heritage of natural evolution and the origins It seems that most archaeologists and other heritage professionals cannot easily express how they conceive of the future they work for, and how their work will impact on that future.

Secondly, present-day archaeology can offer ckrnelius about how future societies will make sense of remains of the past. Archaeology meets radioactive waste. This volume explores the relevance of time travel as a characteristic contemporary way to approach holtoorf past. Centre for Applied Heritage Applied heritage is about the potential of heritage to transform society.


However, in this lecture I argue that archaeologists searching for the past will instead find their present. Maintenance of the status quo of cultural heritage is typically perceived as being superior to loss or substitution.

Journal of Contemporary Archaeology. In the second part I draw on texts by Jorge Luis Borges to discuss some of the inherent difficulties of this approach.

A Reader in Themed and Immersive Spaces. Conference proceedings editor Other academic Holtorf, C. During the three conference days a multidisciplinary discussion took place about human narratives and their connections to places. Log In Sign Up. Chapter in book Other popular science, discussion, etc. Andersson Med historien i ryggen.

Special Issue, Heritage Erasure. No future in archaeological heritage management? Aston Archaeology hooltorf Rubbish. Glendinning guides us through storytelling and dialogue in the Irish Peace Process and Gwyn furthers the bicentenary of the abolition of the British transatlantic slave trade as an example of the positive process from a forgotten heritage to remembrance. Heritage in the age of terrorism C Holtorf Public Archaeology 5 2, Instead, he proposes that archaeological objects and practices can be conceived of as media of social practice.

Beyond the Tropes noltorf Modernity A comment on Schaepe et al, Archaeology as Therapy….

Heritage Narratives in the Tsunami City. Archaeology in Fiction and Nonfiction.

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