COBIT self-assessment guide using COBIT / Subjects: COBIT (Information technology management standard) · Information technology > Evaluation. The COBIT PAM adapts the existing COBIT content into an ISO An alignment of COBIT’s maturity model scale with the international standard Assessor qualifications and experiential requirements .. (COSO Guidance ). ISACA has designed and created COBIT® Self-assessment Guide: Using COBIT ® 5 (the ‘Work’) primarily as an assessor . The Measurement Framework.

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The uxing is based on data validated in the previous activity. Ensure that the team understands the approach defined in the documented process, the assessment inputs and outputs, and is proficient in using the assessment tool. Briefing The assessment team leader ensures that the assessment team understands the assessment: Process objectives have been defined. Local Customization Chapter 2. Provide the Assessment Record to the sponsor for retention and storage. All identified risks will be monitored throughout the assessment.

With COBIT defining 34 generic processes to manage IT — complete with process inputs and outputs, key process activities, process objectives, performance measures and a simple maturity model — PAM is billed as an aid to security management. In addition, simplified guidance has been developed in a Self-assessment Guide to completing assessments for those wanting to perform a simple, judgement based self assessment as a precursor to a more formal compliant assessment.

For each process, relate the evidence to assessof process indicators.

Ensure that for each process assessed, sufficient evidence exists to meet the assessment purpose and scope. Process Attribute Rating For each process assessed, a rating is assigned for each process attribute up to and including the highest capability level defined in the assessment scope The rating is based on data validated in the previous activity Traceability must be maintained between the objective evidence collected awsessor the process attribute gukde assigned For each process attribute rated, the relationship between the indicators and the objective evidence is recorded Establish and document the decision-making process used to reach agreement on the ratings e.


ISACA’s COBIT® Assessment Programme

Present the assessment schedule. Establish and document the decision-making process used to reach agreement on the ratings e. Performance of the process is adjusted to meet plans.

Requirements for the work products have been defined. Cookies enable us to provide the best experience possible and help uzing understand how visitors usng our website. As a result of full achievement of this attribute: Performance of the process is planned and monitored. For each process assessed, assign a rating to each process attribute.

Perhaps the easiest way to think about this would be: Collect evidence of process performance for each process within the scope. Prepare and approve assessor records. Recall, it is highly unlikely an enterprise would assess all 34 COBIT processes, so a scoping tool kit has been provided, see next slides for outline and scoping example. Verify and document that the assessment was performed according to requirements.

Collect evidence of process capability for each process within the scope. Lead into the next slide cobiit differences and say: Review and obtain acceptance of the plan. Are work products appropriately identified, documented and controlled? Knowledge, skills and experience: To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The next attributes relate to management of the process and associated work products: Verify the completeness of the data.

ISACA’s COBIT® Assessment Programme – ppt download

Detailed discussion of the process for a compliant assessment is provided in an Assessor Guide. Work products are appropriately identified, documented and controlled.

Okay, I understand Learn more. If correct, the next page will load with a graphic first — these can be used to check. The traceability of the rating and the supporting evidence needs to be maintained. Reporting the Results The results of the assessment are analysed and presented in a report The report also covers any key issues raised during the assessment such as: The work products are identified, documented and controlled consistent with the definitions. Requirements for documentation and control of the work products are defined.


Evidence of process capability may be more abstract than evidence of process performance. Objectives for the performance of the process are identified.

ISACA publishes COBIT process assessment model

My interpretation would be that: The assessment results will also be shared with any parties e. Are resources and information necessary for performing the process identified, made available, allocated and used? Work products are produced that provide evidence of process outcomes, as outlined in gujde 3.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Determine the necessary resources and schedule for the assessment.

The Asssssor then needs to assess whether there is sufficient evidence that PA1. Are responsibilities and authorities for performing the process defined, assigned and communicated? Have requirements for documentation and control of the work products been defined?

Which processes are being assessed? Present the assessment results to the participants. By browsing Infosecurity Magazine, you agree to our use of cookies. Evidence includes observation of work products and their characteristics, testimony from the process performers, and observation of the infrastructure established for the performance of the process. Define how the assessment data will be collected, recorded, stored, analysed and presented with reference to the assessment tool.

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