Competencias, Indicadores de Logros, Contenidos. Interpersonal communication . 1. Generates conversations to exchange specific information. Competencia, Indicador de logro, Contenidos declarativos, Contenidos procedimentales, Contenidos actitudinales. 1. Engages in. CNB Nivel Diversificado ¿Qué es nivel Diversificado? 1. Bachilleratos en Ciencias y Letras y sus especialidades: constan de dos años de.

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Making inferences from simple oral or written passages. Using active voice to produce short phrases in oral and written situations.

Participating in activities and celebrations and discussing their impact on the culture. Nuestro idioma en la escuela. Using chronological order to explain different activities contaor during a daytime. Introducing oneself appropriatly with native and non-native speakers. Making comparison, including differentiation, sorting and classifying items. Evaluating commercial exchange and products offered in local markets and supermarkets.

Learning and discussing patterns of behavior or interaction among the target cultures. Stating needs and wants. Using prepositions of locations. Improves his ability to engage with other culture and develops effectively.

Composes different texts with accurate grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Introducing new technical vocabulary to daily school speech. Four basic communication skills support their learning process, which should be supported by a strong proficiency in their native language: Discussing about poetry and playings.


Talking about ongoing activities. Being polite while expressing ideas.

Identifying symbols and signs on advertisements and written materials. Bulding active, passive, command, question, and other sentences following syntactic rules.

Xkab’ raqal (Vocabulario) – CNB

Uses the cultural contributions of other people to enrich their own culture. Introducing some idioms, sayings and proverbs in daily conversations. Requests help or information for researching purposes. Finding a cultural meaning in songs, playings and other artistic activities.

Malla Curricular

Organizing cultural activities according to Anglo-American holidays and meaningful dates St Patrick, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving Day, among others. Using standard greetings, farewells, and expressions of courtesy orally and written.

Inicial y Preprimaria Inicial Preprimaria. The language practice and skill development activities have been designed to involve students in all aspects of the contents, making them active participants ee the learning process. Understanding words in context and other visual or auditory cues: From this sight, they function as regulator of learning-assessment-teaching strategies.

Speaking about leisure activities and personal interests. Recognizing similarities and differences in the ways languages are written. This process is centered on learners to encourage them to express their own reality in English and to help them to maintain a high motivation level.

Subárea de Comunicación y Lenguaje L3 (Inglés) – Cuarto Grado

Giving information about own country. It promotes cultural exchange, as well as information enhancement to improve their performance in the working area that conntador choose.


Listening for specific information: Discussing likes and dislikes in patterns of behavior of target cultures. Periyo wants, doubts, uncertainty and needs using learned material orally and written. Identifying loan words, barbarisms and wrong uses for words and phrases in oral and written texts. Asking questions and giving answers about personal interests and feelings. Writing figurative texts as short poems,songs, stories, riddles, etc. Produces oral or written texts based in previous authors or scientific readings with proper vocabulary and grammar structures.

Morphological norms for contaddor words: Applying reading comprehension strategies.

Subárea de Comunicación y Lenguaje L3 (Inglés) – Cuarto Grado – CNB

Interpreting transportation and location signs in travel brochures or books. Using polite requesting phrases presented with accompanying gestures. Uses culturally acceptable vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and gestures.

Inicial y Preprimaria Inicial Preprimaria. Gets information from authors and scientific readings.

Discussing the meaning of new terms.

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