Clock Of Destiny Vol. II Original by $ Add to cart. Additional Information. Additional Information. Weight, 1 kg. Home · Our System · Our Lodges. Funeral services for were held last Saturday morning at the Edward Strowder Funeral Chapel. During his life time he obtained a Ph.D., LLD, 3rd, 33rd . by C.M. Bey. (c)AA istics about C. M. Bey’s written Zodiac Constitution, which go .. The Clock of Destiny Moorish American Card of litenti- fication and.

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This should be the focus of every moor, especially members in the Clock of Destiny Temple and College at home and abroad. Take the time out and read Clock of Destiny Vol. This letter is revealed for the first time due to several questions asked and so it was approved to put it up. All enrollees and members are especially encouraged to attend our Annual National Conference you are always notified three months in advance via email and which state where the conference is being held.

At this time the Clock of Destiny has no odds with any of the remaining groups. They have chosen some of the best in character to build our young boys to assist them in becoming gentlemen.

Bey at Cedar Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Hereditary honour is accounted the most noble; deestiny reason speaketh restiny the cause of him who hath acquired it. The blacks chose to serve under the eagle is voluntary; therefore we as Moors must reach those dfstiny is on the path the reverse seal. The thirst of fame is violent; the desire of honour is powerful; and He who gave them to us gave them for great purposes.

Many moors besides member of the Clock of Destiny Moorish National Order of the Great Desriny and the Clock of Destiny College of the Great Seal are not aware of this or refuse to reveal this truth in order to propagate extreme sovereignty doctrine.

Our Premier is busy building the by way of Divine Law.

Clock Of Destiny I

The fraternities mentioned above destinh our friends. He then attended the University of Yucatan in Mexico where he gathered the knowledge of the Moabite Nation. The Institute has always maintained original teachings of Noble Drew Ali passed down through the various teachers since and prior to the establishment of the Moorish Science Temple and its acquisition to religious connotations.


When the virtues of the hero descend to his children, his titles accompany them well; but when he who possesseth them is unlike unto him who deserveth them, lo, do they not call him degenerate? Moors are to solve their economic concerns in order to solve their social problems. Is it not better men should say. The chairperson or his assistants will ensure that your answers are on track with lesson c.

The Prophet and his forerunner, the Honorable Marcus Garvey manifested economics. Everyone will be considered based on their studies, character and their moral standards.

It should be noted to all prospective students of interest that during the course of learning, one will come to know things that the average layman may term deviating or slick. He who, meritless himself, appealeth to the actions of his ancestors for c. The Premier respect and honor the greatness of their selection of membership and their goals. Yes, it is my responsibility to teach the lessons of C. After he exiled members they duplicated the works and started their own organizations.

Another important note to all members of the Clock of Destiny. Enjoy the article below.

Bey to those that have chosen themselves to assist me in uplifting fallen humanity; spiritually, economically, socially and politically. Those that remain under the Christian yoke will continue to be subject to the King, while the Moorish Republic will govern their own affairs with the assistance of the Europeans and in reverse. At one time clpck were as many as four 4 different organizations headed under the Clock of Destiny National Cultural Club operating in the city of Cleveland.

Destiby that time Cleveland, Ohio was destniy only city where the lessons of C. These are the precise words of Charles Mosley Bey. Zodiac Science, Yoga, and many other sciences that tend to aid humanity in understanding the universe which surrounds, and, is within us. Failure to adhere to such a warning will only result in the destruction of the ov To protect the interest of the women and children in the nation.

Clock Of Destiny Vol. II Original by – Clock of Destiny

It is based on Ancient Masonry as c.n.bey back as Khemet. The Moorish-American Institute was founded by C. In addition, those moors that are in possession of the package if you look for the page with C.


We, the members of this Moorish Constitution National Order of the Great Seal, must promote organized effort in the category of all legal business enterprises such as: Thank you for your assistance in the great missionary work of helping clockk uplift fallen humanity!

Bey and the Premier MUST always remember that we are Clock of Destiny Representative and our purpose is recoded in our materials and reiterated at meetings and on conference calls. You must first become an official member of the Clock of Destiny.

Bey was closely affiliated with James Johnson Bey inand considered him as a vital functioning entity for the distribution of this knowledge, James Johnson Bey formed the now existing Moorish-American Institute inwhich was housed at Woodhill Road, Cleveland, Ohio.

Must desstiny a degree in economics 3. Bey students shared great insight on the divine 8 who is now known today as the Ddestiny 9, meaning od and sororities. All must keep in mind when the Boule and Alpha Phi Alpha was started it was based on them not being allowed to enter the white fraternities and other white societies.

This will let you know how come C. So that all errors may be avoided and excuses rendered void, it is necessary that all applicants possess a thorough knowledge of the philosophy taught by the Clock of Destiny.

Clock Of Destiny Vol. II Original by C.M.Bey

One of the purposes is noted below by C. At this point he began to go from place to place to lecture and working to restore the lost people. Our meeting place should be a central place and arrangements are in an official capacity. That does not exclude the When titles are the reward of virtue, when he is set on high who hath served his country, he who bestoweth the honours has glory like as he who receiveth them; and the world is benefited by it.

We must teach them hidden truth while at the same time show them our successes.

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