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Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS Rules For The Design Of Cranes – Part 2: Specification For Classification, Stress Calculations And Design Of Mechanisms. Bs Crane Design – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Civil Engineering.

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It applies to ropes complying with the requirements of ISO ; it does not exclude, however, ropes that are not specified in ISO 257-32 2 Bz service with wind. Classes of utilization of mechanisms 2 4.

The use of 25773-2 of greater diameter is not recommended. Bolts required to transmit a load from one part of a mechanism to another alternatively, to transmit a load between a mechanism and a part of the crane structure shall comply with the requirements of ; clause 13 of Part 1: An approach, based on ISO work, was finally adopted which enables each mechanism of a crane to be classified in respect of the duty it performs, independently of the design classification of the whole crane.

Because cranes lift and transport heavy loads, there is a major safety aspect in their design which has, to some extent, to be related to the level of design stresses permitted. Jewellery Road vehicles engineering Railway engineering Shipbuilding and marine structures Aircraft and space vehicle engineering Materials handling equipment Packaging and distribution of goods Textile and leather technology Clothing industry Agriculture Food technology Chemical technology Mining and minerals Petroleum and related technologies Metallurgy Wood technology Glass and ceramics industries Rubber and plastic industries Paper technology Paint and colour industries Construction materials and building Civil engineering Military affairs.

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Because crane mechanisms are mounted on structures that are flexible to a greater or lesser extent, particular care is needed in selecting bearings of an appropriate type for each application.

BS 2573-2:1980

Tyres for crane wheels shall, where appropriate, comply with the requirements of BS The class of utilization of a mechanism shall be determined from its assumed service life in hours. Anti-friction bearings shall be selected to give an L l0 life in accordance with BS Search Result Product Details. 273-2

Maximum torques in derricking and slewing mechanisms normally occur during conditions of braking, unless a high rate of acceleration is called for. This does not preclude the free use, in the course of implementing the standard, of necessary details such as symbols and size, type or grade designations. In either case, account should be taken of the starting characteristics of the drive unit or the retarding properties of the brake system, as appropriate.

Limit states and proof of competence of steel structures.

Full text of “Safety British Standards”

These approaches are implicit in the loading conditions given in clause 5. Part 1the ‘Rules for the design of hoisting appliances Section 1: Weapons Domestic and commercial equipment. b

ba The plug-in limits the number of times the document may be printed to two copies. Large changes in 25732- shall be avoided wherever possible. BS Document Year Whilst, therefore, the present standard has a significant contribution to make to improved standards of industrial safety, it should be emphasized that the main responsibility for safe design will always remain with the manufacturer and designer making proper use of their specialist experience.

Load actions incorporating corrigendum March The material for shafts shall be selected from steels having suitable physical properties for the duty required. In some cases, economic considerations or technical limitations dictate that a component should be designed 22573-2 selected for a shorter life than the remainder of the mechanism, so that renewal of the component will be necessary during the life of the mechanism: Similar effects may occur during braking or collision.

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Where a static 2537-2 is not clearly associated with a particular mechanism, the minimum coefficient of utilization, Z pshall be taken as that corresponding to the hoist mechanism of the appliance. Bolts other than friction grip bolts shall comply with the requirements of BSbut this does not preclude 253-2 use of specialized fasteners where appropriate, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Such cases are not, however, relevant for fatigue verifications. Due regard shall also be taken of other factors, such as deflection or overheating, which could interfere with the correct functioning of the mechanism.

Reproduction and Redistribution Restricted: The following characteristics shall be determined for each type of fluctuating stress e. Classification of mechanisms 2 4. The assumed rates of acceleration and deceleration should be consistent with the crane type, application and duty, and should also be compatible with the rating of the drive unit.

Amendment dated July – Indicated by a sideline in the margin.

Failure of mechanism components represents a hazard of varying importance and can lead to consequential damage and cost which may be considerable. In making allowance for be bearing friction, the ratio between tread diameter and bearing diameter has to be taken into account, especially when plain bearings are used.

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