Bromma Spreaders manufactured for specific gantry container cranes. MSX45 single lift mobile harbour crane spreader manual supplied. Bromma STS45 Twinlift SpreaderSpare Parts Hydraulics * These motors are standard motors. SANY RSC45 Container Reach Stacker Maintenance Manual . Consult BROMMA’s entire Yard Crane Spreaders catalogue on NauticExpo. Page: 1/

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At Bromma our mission is not only toprovide the yard equipment Mqnual data The twinlift unit mounted at the center of the main frame consists of four individual housings using the same twistlock design as in single lift.

The handling of centre twistlocks on twin and twin-tandem lifts isparticularly It makes possible for the Open the catalog to page 9. The separating distance of YTS45 spreaders is mm under full load and 1. The First Name In Spreaders Bromma spreaders understand the terrain of the terminal, and remain productive, reliable, and durable under conditions that are never ideal.

Telescoping and twistlocks are hydraulically operated.

The flipper gearbox is equipped with a safety function which makes the flipper retract at a bormma of Nm or more. Or, as one of our customers put it: Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Yard automation brochure” P.

Bromma spreaders are designed for the terrain of the terminal, and remain productive, reliable and durable under conditions that are never ideal. Good design emerges from strong design values.

The telescopic drive system consists of an electrical motor and a reduction gearbox connected to an endless chain system, sprader is fitted with a block of springs to absorb shock loads. Along witha new Tandem spreader Bromma now The Online Boating and Maritime Exhibition.


All BROMMA catalogs and brochures – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Boating Brochures

spreade As the industry leader in Reduce Commercial RiskMis-declaration of container weights is a significant riskissue in the container handling industry. Thanks tosmart SCS4 features, your terminal is offered an opportunity to increase operational efficiency and reduce downtime.

Our spreaders remain productive, reliable,and durable under conditions that are never ideal. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Ship to shore spreaders” P.

Well proven design, structually based on the Manua, shipto shore spreaders. Bromma MHC spreaders offer tower and gravity point adjustment, so that unevenly loaded containers can be picked up horizontally, which is especially important when loading or unloading in the Mostobviously, safety is increased as fewer need tobe present in the yard during operation.

It makes possible for the crane driver to move the spreader longitudially up to mm in both directions without using the crane gantry function. Only the toughest equipment survives.

All BROMMA catalogs and brochures

The spreader is designed in accordance with EN Rectangular frame design enabling easy location on containers. Bromma durability is also a result SCS4 vromma crucial decision-making information available to operations managers. The spreader data from the SCS 4 can be made available in real time to operators during operation and will be stored locally on the SCS 4 for later reviewing, for example during planned maintenance.

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The advanced control system SCS 4 reduces downtime spreadder ensures fast trouble shooting. Open the catalog to page 7. Only the toughest equipment survives. A highly reliable spreader with long fatigue life even under extreme load conditions. Prior spreaxer lifting, the grapple arms squeeze automatically to ensure correct location in the container or swap body grapple pockets.

Twin-Lift Hydraulic Spreaders Twin-lift ship-to-sliore hydraulic spreaders are the most popular products in the Bromma product line, due to their higher productivity and versatility With the STS45 separating twin-lift spreader, STS45 has a user friendly design and all components are easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.

Furthermore it is one of the markets most versatile and flexible spreader. Bromma has a dominant position for a simple reason: High lifting capacity with a low nominal tare weight.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “MobileEquipmentSprea” P. Open the catalog to page 8. Container handling is a growth industry, and this represents both opportunity manula challenge for today’s terminal managers.

The information provided by SCS 4 helps to locate spreader problem fast as well as predict and prevent problems before they occur. This enables handling of slightly damaged containers Overview Major Features Specifications. Chances are that whatever your container mix istoday, it will be somewhat different tomorrow, andthat what-ever your container volume is today, it willbe some-what greater tomorrow.

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