This page lists the E-Book links available of the Persian Poet Bhai Nand Lal Ji. Also known as Goya, he was one of the 52 Poets in the Court of Guru Gobind. Bhai Nand Lal Ji. Bhai Nand Lal (c. ), was a poet famous in the Sikh tradition and favourite disciple of Guru Gobind Singh. His poetry, all in Persian. Bhai Nand Lal Granthavli by Dr. Ganda Singh, Published by. Punjabi Universsssity of Sikh Studies. Bhai Nand Lal Goya ( A.D.) the poet laureate of.

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This work contains his personal spiritual experience and in many ways explains the spirit of Gurbani. He summoned his family from India to join him in Ghazni where Nand Lal spent his childhood and early youth.

Rubaayeeyaan 4 line verses The author called it Bandginama Book of Prayer and composed it in Persian. A Rahitnama code of bhai nand lal ji poetry for Sikhs is ascribed to him, besides another called Tankhahnama, or a manual of penalties for infringement of the religious discipline.

Hear the Word with devout affection for the Guru. Qty Out Of Stock.

Bhai Nand Lal Ji | Writings – Diwân-e-Goyâ | Goya – The Poet

Hope this goes some way to answer your question Rupz. Inhe went to Multan and settled over there, and was married to a Sikh girl. The person who wishes to converse with me should read the granth and reflect on what it says. Nothing but the thought of the beloved finds way into bhai nand lal ji poetry heart. At last the Seeker found the way to Him. This you bhai nand lal ji poetry accept as part of metreating its letters as the hairs of my bodyBhzi truly is so,’ 8 ‘Sikhs who wish to see the Guru will do so when they come to the Granth.

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Nand Lal adopted the pen-name of “Goya,” though at places he has also subscribed himself kal “Lal,” the word being the last part of his name. The present and the here-after weigh less than a single hair of my Beloved. And how could a limited being be a vehicale of Grace and pre-exist creation adi sacu.

These serve as a model for letter writing and contain invaluable historical information regarding jl political, social and economic conditions of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib’s time. It is the neti neti of the Vedas, the spirit which dwells in every heart as light permeates the water held in a vessel.

Peotry may be one with Nirankar but who saved you? The call of Leila’s camel made the heart tumultuous, Bhai nand lal ji poetry Majnoon, it too lost itself and ran to the desert. It has been an extraordinary experience for me in working on this book.

Bhai Nand Lal Punjabi: Soon by dint of his ability and hard work, Nand Lal rose to be the Mir Munshi principal secretary. They are like spoons full of amrit: Guru Gobind SIng said that “whosoever call me God shall perish in hell”. Yes there is no differene between Guru and Waheguru because their Nirankar.

Sign up for a new account in our community. The contents of each of them, although referring to the same bhai nand lal ji poetry, are somewhat different. Chaupai Hear the Word with devout affection for the Guru.

Bhai Nand Lal Ji | E-Books | Goya – The Poet

You do not belong to any caste, class, or lineage. How can we comprehend the infinity of your invisible form? It contains couplets and is a laudation of Ten Gurus and their spirit being One. His bhai nand lal ji poetry in Persian, of this period, has passed into the Sikh religious tradition and is held in great reverence. Mortals have to realise that state of oneness through Guru’s kirpa.


And yes i do understand.

Biography And Writings Of Bhai Sahib Bhai Nand Lal Ji – Book By Prof. Ujagar Singh Bawa

At one time, Persian was a common bhai nand lal ji poetry language of much of the band Islamic world. At the age of 12 he started writing poetry in Persian under the pen name Goya. My life is leaving me, through the two eyes, To be on the way to tommorrow, my date with the beloved.

Who can describe all Your Names. Let it write your name in its flow. It is a collection of 63 ghazals. The passage you mentioned refers to the Nirankar aspect of God.

Ghazalan Bhai Nand Lal Ji Steek Arthaat Zindaginama

Rubaayeeyaan 4 line verses 4. Posted November 27, Hech kas beroong n bashad, az svaad zlaf to een dill dewana-am, aakhar hami sauda griffu. Doha ‘Listen attentively, Nand Lal. After the seva as decided by Panj Piare has been performed, that Sikh is once again considered a member bhai nand lal ji poetry Khalsa Brotherhood.

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