When Peter’s parents are killed, he is sent to an orphanage in Warsaw. Then German soldiers take him away to be measured and assessed. They decide that. 28 Feb Summary: A well-researched and pacy WWII thriller about a Polish orphan taken in by a Nazi family because of his Aryan appearance. 12 Nov Auslander by Paul Dowswell. This novel tells the fictional story of a young boy, Piotr Bruck, who is taken by the Nazis to Berlin to become a.

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I’ve said it before. It’s spelt Peter, isn’t it? This is a remarkably well-researched historical novel. He feels a trifle uncomfortable auslander paul dowswell Hitler Youth meetings and he does rather wonder if the war is going as well as everybody says.

But it definitely looks like a WWII novel. It highlights how before Hitler, Germany was not a nice place, it was rundown and people were hungry, but Hitler changed that, which many but not all thought was for the better. Jul 08, Johan D’Haenen rated it liked it.

He is forming his own ideas about what he is seeing, what he is told. This whole idea shocked me and was a disturbing insight into one of the ways the Nazis took over the country- beginning with the children.

But he also offers in-text translations, so we Readers aren’t left in the dark about what that extremely long word means. Peter struggles with his beliefs, realizing that both the Allies and the Nazis are murdering innocent civilians.

We have plenty of books with that and auslander paul dowswell much else in the Children’s Department. Peter, out protagonist, was flat most of the time. Lots of interesting auslander paul dowswell and a pretty well-developed main character though I felt the character of Anna was auslander paul dowswell bit under-drawn.

It was so subtle aus,ander I didn’t realise until a few chapters dowseell. The biggest problem I had with the book was the characters. Il ne pose pas de questions.

Kaltenbach is a doctor conducting experiments for the Reich, with a wife and three children. But Peter is Volksdeutscher-of German blood.

Auslander: Paul Dowswell: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

It also talks about what they would do to the mentally ill people, which is rather hard to swallow. But dkwswell I ever really connect with him?

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I don’t want to auslander paul dowswell too much more, because I may end up giving the plot auslander paul dowswell, but read this book for yourselves, it’s a good read I promise.

Well, naturally Peter does have a change of heart as he learns more and more about Nazi brutality and the blatantly untrue things they teach about races.

The evidence of his eyes and his auslsnder with the Reiters opens Peter’s eyes to the true nature of the Third Reich and the Nazis.

auslander paul dowswell Some passages are truly chilling, and even I was quickly turning the last few pages to see how it all turned out. The Author has done impeccable research, and it is because of this that I am able to give this book a high rating while complaining about the characters and writing style at the same time.

Soon the two are dating and Anna pulls Peter into the undergound world of Berlin in the s. Very well-written and absolutely riveting. I also really enjoyed the occasional bits of German throughout the novel.

But he starts to question the propaganda and false information auslander paul dowswell auslande told at school and in the Auslander paul dowswell Youth. There’s little pauo and bullying is rife. While the auslander paul dowswell of a Polish boy sent to live in Germany following the death of his parents was definitely unique, apul characters lacked emotional depth for me. When he becomes dowswlel involved with Anna, whose family works for the resistance, Peter soon is helping Jews go into hiding.

He repeatedly tells those who take him to Germany that this is what he wants when they accuse him of trying to run off. The real world depiction of this World War II book must truly perceives the war in a way that is both factual auslander paul dowswell exciting at the same time. My library Help Advanced Book Search. So he takes a risk-the most dangerous one he could possibly choose in Berlin. It was completely unnecessary in a book that could have otherwise been given to a younger reluctant reader.

ppaul Who on earth is he? Someone important will want to adopt Peter. While it might have had some slow parts, I liked the fact that it seemed like a real story, auslander paul dowswell than actual fiction. I think that a more appropriate story would be something like the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne or Spies by Michael Frayn which I think tells the story of asulander war in a more child appropriate way. Third person, past tense. And there was me sitting there thinking ‘What?


Young Piotr Bruck shivers as he waits naked in a draughty corridor to be examined by two men in white coats with curious instruments. It does contain a few swear words including the “F” auslander paul dowswell. But the information the Author explores is so auslander paul dowswell that I didn’t mind all that much, and I did love how he threw in lots of German words – I love German! Since he had a German complexion, Peter was adopted by a Herr and Frau Klatenbach, who had three daughters.

And that loves an action packed, surprised full book that has something different on every page. Peter is a well-rounded character, who although at first wanting to fit in with his new family and follow the party line, maintains his compassion and humanity throughout. He showboats his ability to speak perfect German in front of his Polish mates who brand him a traitor. I thinks this book would attract more attention to auslander paul dowswell, but I feel girls would enjoy it aswell. I loved Anna, Peter’s girlfriend.

Unfortunately, it proved to be more meh than anything for auslander paul dowswell. Peter sees this as an opportunity auslander paul dowswell leave the orphanage and someday regain his family farm back, and he eagerly steps into his new life as the adopted son of Professor Franz Kaltenbach – a devoted Nazi doing extensive research into purifying the world of sullied races.

The author could have done a better job making the transitions of rising action to climax more exciting for the readers.

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