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Login to see your most recently viewed materials here. Effect of thermo-mechanical processing parameters and chemical composition on bake hardening ability of hot rolled martensite steels. Microstructure and texture of ferritic stainless steel for automotive exhaust system. Limit the search to the library catalogue. Asssb control and mechanical properties of ultrafine grained dual phase steels.

750 of the thermo-mechanical processes on the formation of thick cylindrical components formed by different technologies: Recrystallisation kinetics of austenite evaluated by means of the stress relaxation technique and further metallography. Grain structure development during reheating and deformation of niobium-microalloyed steels.

Ultrafine grained microstructures of microalloyed steels obtained by cold, warm and hot severe plastic deformation.

Subscribe to Premium Services Searches: Tensile Strength, Yield, R e. Questions or comments about MatWeb? Effect of vanadium on isothermally formed bainitic microstructures in low carbon steels.

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Effect of coiling temperature on microstructures and mechanical properties in Nb-microalloyed hot strip. Aassab here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they were originally entered into MatWeb. Effect of carbon content on the phase transformation characteristics, microstructure and properties of MPa grade microalloyed steels with non-polygonal ferrite microstructures.

Modelling of uneven transverse temperature distribution effects on accelerated cooling processes. Modeling precipitation and its effect on recrystallization during hot strip rolling of niobium steels.

Assab Knife Steel Composition Analysis Graph, Equivalents And Overview Version

Effect of hot rolling parameters on mechanical properties and microstructure of dual phase steel. Characterization of the evolution of austenite static recrystallization during hot rolling of two microalloyed steels. The table of contents of the conference proceedings is generated automatically, so it can be incomplete, although all articles are available in the TIB.

Influence of chemical composition and austenite condition on the hardness of direct quenched steels. Precipitation of carbonitrides in steels microalloyed with 75 and Ti during hot rolling of seamless tubes. Application of cold rolling in the preliminary thermomechanical processing scheme at the long type structural steel production.

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Electronic books The e-book database EBC. Microstructure development by thermomechanical processing in a low carbon microalloyed steel.

Improved modelling of strain induced precipitation kinetics asasb austenite microstructure evolution during multipass rolling of Nb microalloyed steels. Designing of the texture and mechanical properties of duplex stainless steel through symmetric-asymmetric rolling.

Identifying dynamic strain aging in a corrosion resistant low alloy structural steel. Influence of temperature on deformation behaviour of oxide scale during finishing hot rolling.

Machinery Steel

Evolution of texture and microstructure of spray formed Fe ASSAB M is suitable for induction hardening and can also be nitrided or tuffrided to a surface hardness of Vickers. For further questions please contact our TIB customer service. Microstructural evolution of low carbon steel during cold rolling and subsequent annealing. Thermomechanical processing of advanced high strength steels in production hot strip rolling. Engineering Index Backfile The most recent findings from physical-material modelling of UHSS structure development on a thermomechanical simulator.

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