The Abirami Anthathi is a divine, lyrical song on Goddess Abirami which has verses. The term “Anthaathi” refers to the particular style of composition. Abirami Pattar. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Abhirami Pattar born (Tamil: சுப்பிரமணிய ஐயர்) Subramaniya Iyer was a Hindu saint from the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He is famed as the.

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Lived she as a consort to Sankara our Lord, And also was she his mother holy, And so she is the greatest goddess known, Waste I will not this my life, And never would I try, Any other goddess to serve. Nightingale of the forest abirami andhadhi lyrics in Kadamba trees, Peahen dancing on the Himalayas, The sun shining over the skies, The abirami andhadhi lyrics in that sits on lotus pretty, Thou were given to the Lord of Kailasa, By Himalaya the king of mountains, Oh pretty haired one.

She who anndhadhi these fourteen worlds, Takes care of them forever And destroys them at the time of deluge, For she is greater than Siva who holds the poison in his neck, For she is the sister of Vishnu who looks after the worlds, And she has done great penance, So except you my goddess, Will I another salute.

Abirami Anthathi with audio, lyrics and their meaning in Tamil. It is believed that recitation of each stanza will result specific achievement for the devotees.

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pyrics Red colour she kept, Kadamba flowers she kept, Five flower arrows she kept, Bow lyric of sweet cane she kept, The midnight time when Lord Bhairava, Was worshipped she kept. But actually the day was Amavasya New moon.

The author praises Abhirami as his own mother, and regretting for his mistakes, the divine play of mother with father Sivan, and the simplicity and abirami andhadhi lyrics in of her.

Hands thine hold the bow of sweetest cane, And the arrows made of flowers, Draped thou art with chains of lovely white pearls, Tied you have in thine snake like hips, The belt made of gems, Oh Goddess who is with my lord, Who wears the eight sides as robe, You wear silks of coral red. Wealth you are that is great, The pleasure you are that the wealth gives us all, The trance you are that the pleasure leads, And the clarity you are at the end of the trance, But I am not able to see and understand, Thine ever-shining grace that abirami andhadhi lyrics in bright, Which removes the darkness of ignorance from me, Oh great Goddess with a golden hand.

After your devotees I ran, And got from them the boon of no birth, Even in my previous birth, Oh mother of the three great gods, Oh Abhirami who is panacea of the worlds ills, What do I need else, If without fail, I thee worship.

abirami andhadhi lyrics in Oh you who is in the left side, Of Lord Shiva, who wears the garland of iris, Followed by flying abjrami for their scent, Oh mother Bhairavi. Because for his problem to solve when you were irate, Our lord Shiva kept his head on thine feet, Which is like the lotus that is red. She who is the musical abirami andhadhi lyrics in, Fitted to the strings of the lyre, Oh my leader.

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Saluted by the asuras and devas you are, Meditated you are by Vishnu and Brahma, Always keeps you in his mind the great Lord Shiva But in this earth, Oh mother Abhirami, The devotes easily get abirami andhadhi lyrics in grace.

Without end those ogres thought, Those three holy cities were, And removed forever mercy from their heart, But them defeated the gods Shiva and Vishnu, And those gods cry to you abirami andhadhi lyrics in protection, Oh Abhirami. Whatever I do to you from now on, Even I fall in the mid sea, my mother, It is for you to decide, Abirami andhadhi lyrics in save me or not to save, You who are one, You who are several, You who are invisible, Oh Goddess Uma. Head of mine is below your lotus like feet, Heart of mine forever is full of manthras praising you, Oh red colured pretty one, Think and discuss I always, With thine devotees great, Verses singing thine abirami andhadhi lyrics in and thine agamas and rules.

Tamil Best Sad Hit Songs. Below he created a huge fire. Life to improve, The method of the God, I found, Which my tiny mind never could learn, Which my chattering mouth never could describe. Leader great of ours, You who is with four faces, You who is the power of Narayana, You who have five flower bows in her lotus hands, You who gives pleasure as the soul of the world, You who is black and called Syamala, You who wears the serpent garlands, You who is the daughter of Matanga, Your holy feet is our only solace with out end.

Lord mine gave you two measures of rice, My mother, but thou, Fed abirami andhadhi lyrics in entire world forever using those. You have breasts like the reddish pots, You wear white conch bangles in your pretty hands, You are the most accomplished in all the arts, You share the left part of the God, who wears the Ganga, You are of the abirami andhadhi lyrics in of pure gold, You are the colour of beautiful black, And you lyrcs also of the pretty red colour of the sun, Oh pretty one who is as anhdadhi as a creeper.

Problems for me to disappear, I worship thee oh mother, And if I am again born in the world so cruel, It is your problem not mine, Oh goddess who abirami andhadhi lyrics in a hip like the lightning in the sky. Move I will not with lyricw, who deceive, But will never ever quarrel, With those great ones, Who do not say mine and thine, I, Oh mother, ln wisdom small, For mine eyes are but thine light. Raja Serfoji realized how great Abhirama Bhattar was and honoured him.

Diary with password See more. This pot became one with the land and became the siva linga. Strength Know I not, Me the insignificant one.

And who have done no penance, For you are like a beacon light.

Happiness is your feet, Wisdom is your feet, Fully filled nectar is your feet, Your feet is of the form ,yrics endless horizon, Your feet is the ultimate aim of the four Vedas, Oh, mother Abhirami, Abirami andhadhi lyrics in Lord who dances in ash, Keeps his head on your feet and feels it apt.


He continued and ended with stanzas.

I wanted to give a clear lyrocs better audio, so the size of the application might be big. Uma and her lord, who keeps her in his left, Came to me as one, And ordered me to love them without fail.

Even if for one second they think of thee, Never will they get andhadi time ever again, Another skin, abirami andhadhi lyrics in and abirami andhadhi lyrics in filled body, Which is like a hut. Tamil suprabhatam devotional song for god Sri Ranganathan. Oh black coloured Ganapathi. Devotional, Tamil, Audio, offline.

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Chant they that thine breasts are like, The ivory box and like the golden pot, Applied with perfumed sandal paste, Oh Abhirama Valli. Your grace to get, they did penance, Billions of years in several births, And they got not only all the wealth this earth can give, But also got the pleasures of the land of gods, And the ultimate happiness, Only few can get, Oh Mother who talks better than the best poems, You have the heavenly beauty of the greenest parrot.

Abirami andhadhi lyrics in of tender Vanchi plant, The karpaga tree on to which the creeper climbed, You who have become ripe to make me realize, You abirami andhadhi lyrics in have the heady incense of the four holy Vedas, You who are the doe playing on the Himalayas, You who are the mother of all Gods like Brahma, Give me boon to die and never be born, And me part of yours make.

But I request you, oh mother, Who has the sweet cane as her bow, And five flowers as arrows, To be like the mother abirami andhadhi lyrics in earth, Who has the softest feet, Pardon and love, But not to punish for mistakes great, Their sons, whom they fed their milk.

One who has shoulders like bamboo, One who has the bow made of sugarcane, One who has arrows made of flowers, One has pearly white teeth, One who has doe like eyes, Abirami andhadhi lyrics in never leave my mind forever.

Lightning billions, Take one form and it is she, Who makes her million devotees, To be happy deep from within their mind.

abirami andhadhi lyrics – – Content Results

Saw I, in all the sides, And I saw her hands with the Pasangusa, I saw those five arrows made of flower, Followed by bees, I saw the bow made of sweet cane, I saw the Goddess Of Tripura, Who puts an end to my sufferings great, I saw her narrow hips, I saw her covered breasts, Applied with saffron, And I saw her garland of pearls. The king while returning to the palace casually asked Abhirama Bhattar the Thithi. Abirami andhadhi lyrics in stanza of the poem Abhirami Andhathi is a gem of poetry in itself.

She took her Thadanga a diamond ornament and threw it in the sky where abirami andhadhi lyrics in andhadhl.

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