30 Apr After years of promising a Mental Ray tutorial I’m finally getting around to it! 3DS Max before jumping to 3rd party render engines and plug-ins. We’ll be rendering this cool exterior shot of the always classy ’81 Delorean. 14 Jun fellow cg pipol, i’ve been searching the net for quite some time now for an exterior rendering tutorial using 3dsmax mental ray. all tutorials i’ve. 31 Aug An in-depth maya Exterior render tutorial using Mental Ray: another free maya For this first step we need something very light, a heavy scene can .. great tutorial. even tho i am using 3ds max , mental ray i finally got.

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Introduction to 3ds Max Beginner. Also the help in 3DS Max has a great section on what each setting does with rendered examples. Exterior Rendering Techniques with mental ray and 3ds Max.

In the AE file I provide you can explore a few different comps with different grades setup. I have highlighted the important bits below. For more information about the cookies we use or to find out how you can disable cookies, click here. You could, but as Photoshop is pretty horrible at dealing with Bit files and After Effects is great at it our choice is clear.

If you are looking for a deep explanation of every single attribute and connection please refer to some technical sheet. This parameter will not alter the overall casted light, it’s just a sun apparence setting. 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial

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The haze parameter influences the apparence of the sky ttorial horizon, but it’s also drive the softness and the strenght of the sun light. Below are 3 examples of different grades one might create side by side with the original render.

Maya Exterior render tutorial in Mental Ray (architectural exterior tutorial)

The more the value, the less the highlights. Do you know, when you will have time to finish it?!? Notice all the noise in the stainless material around our very pretty highlight on the driver side 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial the car? Second, avoid Standard materials entirely! It can be, but this info is equally useful to seasoned artists. Use this parameter to give a more realistic appeal to the overall environment, I dislike extreme parameters 0 and But you are free to find your own approach.

Activate ambient occlusion to add some contact-contrast. Just my opinion though. Take a deeper look to gamma speech if you are interested in extrrior workflow. By doing this you have a reliable starting point for creating photo-real renders. So go ahead and download my Delorean Material Library here.

I’m 3vs for the lightibg and plant tutorial!!!!!!! After assigning the first HDR 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial standard — bitmapit will NOT allow itself to be dropped into any object or the skylight box.

If you notice grainy sun shadows then put that number higher the less than you can or your render times will go crazy! Also notice that aside from the Stainless, Glossy Samples are kept way down around 8.


mentap I’m working hard on too many projects! Also working a CG render into a photographic plate exteror reveal anything that looks off with your model, exposure and materials. Now a couple observations:. To make a decent natural environment the first step is find good references, so go on google and 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial some ideas A great garden can make an horrible scene become very good! You could have a black diffuse and uncheck Metal, your choice.

By the way, thanks for the olive trees update turbosquidworks like a charm!

More stuff

Same goes for Vray actually. Exterior render scenes are one of the most difficult challenge for a 3D graphic Artist, that’s because not just for its complexity but also because of its weight in power calculation therms.

We took a first look to Mental Ray Sun and Sky, but there are still a lot of different approaches that we can use to make great exterior renderings. Clearly 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial Mentl stuff sticks out as too perfect compared to the plate.

Alright, keep going the excellent work! Or at least point me in the right directon? I jave one question are you able to explain how you created your grass??

This part will be short, I promise!!

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