Joint circular 01//TTLT-BNV-BTC 04//TT-BNV of June 21, , which guides the implementation of a number of Quyết định 08//QĐ-BNV. Number: 29//TTLT/BNG-BNV-BTC-BLDTBXH. SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIET NAM. Independence – Freedom – Happiness. Ha Noi, November 08, //ND-CP of December 23, , providing for a number of regimes for . 50//TTLT-BTC-BNV conditions and procedures for the appoin Thuộc lĩnh vực máy hành chính, Kế toán – Kiểm toán và sẽ có hiệu lực kể từ ngày 25/08/

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With Amnesty International, he negotiated to free political prisoners in Indonesia.

Criticism of Du Fu’s works has focused on his strong sense of history, his moral engagement, and his technical excellence. Social Science and Humanities. Olcott was a major revivalist of Buddhism in Sri Lanka and he is still honored in Sri Lanka for these efforts.

Hien’s first government position was an appointment in the historical Bureau, which possibly gave him access to more Chinese works about anti-colonialism. He spent many years writing, collecting, copying, re-writing and preserving valuable books including: He gave a lot of technical descriptions about shipbuilding, cannons and other military designs.

Ultimately, he succumbed to the pressure of fundamentalists and “agreed not to express his views on Islam through his writings”.

The basic for calculating overtime pay

Shao Young Shao is considered one bhv the most learned men of his time. His books have been translated into several langues. Wellawattearachchige Abraham Silva was born in Wellawatte, Colombo. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was later vilified by Cuong’s group and demoted to a lowly local post in Hoang Xa outside of Hanoi. Bruce Cumings born is an American academic tttlt author. Gaza Gaza’s translations were superior, both in accuracy and style, to the versions bjv use before his time.

Herbert Feith was an Australian academic and world leading scholar of Indonesian politics. Ban Gu Ban Gu, courtesy name Mengjian, was a 1st century Chinese historian and poet best known for his part in compiling the Book of Han.


Stewart’s work has been associated with James McAuley and A. He has authored some books, which include: Bai Juyi has been known for his plain, direct, and easily comprehensible style of verse, as well as for his social and political criticism.

Masao Maruyama Maruyama Masao, March 22, – August 15, was a leading Japanese political scientist 008 political theorist.

Cao Cao Cao Cao was a warlord and the penultimate chancellor of the Eastern Han Dynasty who rose to great power during the dynasty’s final years. On the one hand, he was a traditionalist Confucian, who believed in filial piety and loyalty to his daimyo, and on the other he was enthusiastic about Western ideas regarding science and politics.

He was appointed Laudian Professor of Arabic ina post he retained until In he was appointed Arabic professor at Cambridge, but his career was cut short near Aden while in missionary work.

– The largest database of legal documents in Vietnam

He wrote two private essays which were interpreted as being critical of the Shogunate’s defense of Tokyo Bay and promoting Western ideas Wyndham Knatchbull Wyndham Knatchbull or – 5 April was a British clergyman and academic who was Laudian Professor of Arabic from until Vishnu Sharma Vishnu Sharma was an Indian scholar and author who is believed to have written the Panchatantra collection of fables. From that point on I was determined to seize upon our country’s literature and on modern learning to awaken our citizenry.

His greatest ambition was to serve his country as a successful civil servant, but he proved unable to make the necessary accommodations. Evelyn’s diaries or Memoirs are largely contemporaneous with those of the other noted diarist of the time, Samuel Pepys, and cast considerable light on the art, culture and politics of the time he witnessed the deaths of Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, the last Great Plague of London, and the Great Fire of London in He devoted particular attention to the translation and exposition of Aristotle’s works on natural science.


He also wrote in the main poetic genre of the Han era, a kind of poetry interspersed with prose called fu. Thirteen Centuries of Controversies and Polemics, ed.

Maung Htin Aung was an important author and scholar of Burmese history and Burmese culture. Nguyen Quyen Nguyen Quyen was a Vietnamese scholar-gentry anti-colonial revolutionary activist who advocated independence from French colonial rule.

He was a contemporary of Phan Boi Chau and Phan Chu Trinh and was regarded as the most prominent northerner of his generation of scholar-gentry activists. He has taught at many universities and is a professor of history and sociology at Binghamton University. His first hkit san poetry,Padauk pan Padauk flowerwas published in Hantha Kyemon pamphlet.

He is probably the best known and most prominent of all scholars in this tradition. He wrote an influential treatise on cosmogony, the Huangji Jingshi Book of supreme world ordering principles Shao was a member of a group of thinkers who gathered in Luoyang toward the last three decades of the 11th century.

He is chiefly remembered as the enigmatic other half of Ern Malley. Haladi Buntoro Ratna Eryani.

Oriental Scholar – Vietnam Gazettes – No January

John Argyropoulos John Argyropoulos 008 a Greek Renaissance scholar who played a prominent role in the revival of Greek philosophy in Italy. He has published major studies of Central Asian religion and history using Persian, Arabic and Turkic manuscript sources he has painstakingly accumulated from collections all over the world.

Most of Bessarion’s works are in Migne, Patrologia Graeca, vol.

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